How to Apply

Procedures of High-level Talents Recruitment
Step1:The job candidates send resumes to relevant school or the Personnel Division.
Step 2:The Personnel Division hands over the resumes collected to each school.
Step 3:The job candidates’ academic abilities are assessed by Academic Assessment Committee of the school.
Step 4:Recruitment opinions are sent to the Personnel Division by each school after approval.
Step 5:The Personnel Division studies the opinions and report to university leaders in charge.
Step 6:The Personnel Division sends notice in written form to relevant school.
Step 7:The job candidates are informed if being approved.
Step 8:The job candidates are involved in registration procedures in Personnel Office.
Note: 1. The unemployed job candidates’ information is recorded in the High-level Talents’ Database by the Personnel Division.
          2. The candidates can apply for relevant benefits after registering in the university according to the procedures above.