Industrial Equipment and Control Engineering Experiment Branch
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There are eight full-time teachers now in Industrial Equipment and Control Engineering Experiment Branch, including 2 Senior Experimental teachers, two engineers and two teachers with master degree. She mainly undertakes basis and professional experimental teaching, to develop students ability to innovate (such as the hundred steps ladder scheme, a student research projects, student competitions and extra-curricular training), thesis or graduation project, experimental study on the subjects, and the teaching and research equipment maintenance and management. She has become an important part of the teaching and research work in the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering.

At present there are some experiment courses such as experimental evaluation of combustion properties of materials, flammable liquids’ flash point measurement, pressure vessel safety inspection and blasting, safety valve calibration, detection of occupational hazards, SCM principle, hydraulic and pneumatic drives, electromechanical drive and control, stress measurement, UG software application technology, etc.
There are teaching and research laboratories with a total area of about 6,600 square meters in the sub-center. there are nearly 1,300 teaching and research equipment whose prices are more than 800 yuan, with a total worth about 20 million yuan. There are 30 sets of large instruments and equipment whose prices are more than 100,000 yuan, such as INSTRON8802 high-temperature electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing system、FLK-TI40FT infrared thermal imager、EDX-2000A-32 dynamic data recorder & analyzer, HEO-TESTER2000 capillary rheometer, ProFlow on-line rheometer, Gemini200 rheometer, JT130 precision injection molding machine, SE45/30 single-screw extruder, TSE-20 twin-screw extruder, TSE-35A twin-screw extruder, auxiliary blowing machine, X-350A X-ray stress tester, tensi TECH high and low temperature electronic tensile machine, JM128MKⅢ-(LUG) fully automatic computer-controlled injection molding machine, high-pressure water injection system, USD28500 material polarizing microscope, CSPM3400 multifunctional scanning probe microscopy system, 263A1 Princeton electrochemical analyzer, M9017B optical curve grinding machines, ST2005H0205 high-pressure metering infusion system. In addition, there is a ultra-high pressure pump (10000kgf/cm2) which can be used for water pressure test. These devices not only meet the college teaching and research work, but also provide external services at the same time.
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