School of Arts
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School of Arts (SA) was founded in 2004, on the basis of the former Arts Department of the School of Humanities and Social Science, SCUT. It started recruiting Music Performance undergraduates in 2002. Two years later, it began to take in graduate students of Music. In the same year, one more undergraduate programs of Dancing were offered.

The School is currently composed of the following departments: Musicology, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Dancing. Musicology and Dancing are level-2 disciplines.

The School has a qualified and competitive faculty. The first Dean of the School is Professor He Ping, Ph.D. in Art (Music). 16 faculty members are professors or associate professors, and 31 prelectors hold a Master or doctoral degree. The current student population consists of more than 400 undergraduate students and 47 postgraduate students in History of Western Music, Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance. Over the past years, a number of orchestras have been organized, including Youth Symphony Orchestra of SCUT, Symphonic Winds of SCUT, and Dance and Chorus for School of Arts. The School engages 11 outstanding Chinese and foreign scholars as guest professors and visiting professors, including the world-wide reputed young pianist Lang Lang, who was awarded the title of Visiting Professor on December 28, 2005, thus becoming the youngest visiting professor in SCUT.

The School is located at the South Campus of SCUT, in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. A spacious building accommodates the concert hall, the academic activities hall, different rehearsal halls for orchestral music, dance and chorus, different classrooms for music and digital piano .Teaching facilities include sets of string instruments, multi-media portfolio of playback audio and 100 pianos.

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