School of Bioscience and Bioengineering
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School of Bioscience and Bioengineering was founded in 2004, located in the south campus of South China University of Technology (SCUT). The School owns teaching and laboratory building, complete facilities and perfect management systems as well, which create a good environment and development space for disciplinary.  
With the rapid development in recent years, the School has formed a relatively perfect system for providing students with a distinctive education and training in the biology field. Currently, there are 927 full-time students in the School, including 568 undergraduate students, 359 master’s degree students and doctoral students. The School has total 67 staff members.
The School presently has three departments: Department of Bioengineering, Department of Biotechnology and Department of Biomedical engineering. Also, the School offers 6 Master programs, 7 doctoral programs and 1 postdoctoral research station. Moreover, the Fermentation Engineering is awarded the State Key Discipline.
By dint of the construction of high-level university and south campus, the School has invested more than 6 million in building a first-class undergraduate teaching laboratory, and it has become the demonstration center of experimental teaching in Guangdong province. In addition, more than 10 million has been invested in the scientific research platform to make the industrial biotechnology to be the main direction of the development of academic disciplines. During the construction of the school, the laboratory has acquired Provincial Key Laboratory in Fermentation and Enzyme engineering, and Key Laboratory in Industrial Biotechnology of Guangdong Educational Department. In 2007, the Light industry technology and Engineering, which consists of Fermentation, Sugar production and Pulp and Paper engineering, has obtained the State Key Discipline to promote the discipline construction to a higher level. At present, the assets of teaching and research equipments reach 25 million and the area of the laboratory is about 5000 square meters, which improve the conditions of School operation greatly.
The School owns the Provincial Famous Discipline-Bioengineering. Our school-running idea is to uphold engineering characteristics, to strengthen science studies, and to train practical talented persons for bioscience and engineering. Based on the talent training concept of “Academic with no starting point”, the School cultivates students’ talent by using the latest concept and the most open resources, provides them with valuable learning opportunities for the scientific research, and encourages lower grade students to join a laboratory for research training in order to widen their global vision. At the same time, the School implements an incentive policy of “Million Rewards” for interns. The winner, who has excellent practice performance and report, can acquire 10 thousand as research funds. Furthermore, to raise the students’ abilities of innovation and service, the School develops “Enterprise Teaching Group” and “Academician Teaching Group”. These reform measures not only provide a platform for the cooperation between the top research institutions and our School, but also create favorable conditions for the best students having further study in some elite research institutions. In recent two years, 90% of the recommended graduates can easily pass the interviews of some famous universities, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University and some elite research institutions in the field of biology. 
The School carried out foreign exchanges actively and established some close cooperation with well-known universities, such as Oxford, Imperial Coll London UK, etc. Also, the School forms a strategic alliance with some domestic academic institutions. Furthermore, the School hires a team of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering Institute as our consultants and academicians.
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