School of Business Administration
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School of Business Administration (SBA), was founded in 1982, comprising six undergraduate programs including Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. SBA has a level-1 discipline doctor degree program for Management Science and Engineering (post-doctoral studies included), six level-2 discipline academic master/doctor degree programs for Management Decision and System Theory, Industrial and Management Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Corporate Management, Technological Economics and Management, Accounting. SBA also offers MBA, EMBA, ME, MPAcc programs. 
The School boasts a large number of research institutes including the “New-type Industrialization Research Institute” (a base for the national social science innovation), the Provincial Research and Consultation centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the New-type Industrialization Research Institute for SCUT, the Industrial Engineering Centre, and the Technical Innovation and Evaluation Centre. 
As one of the largest and most efficiently organized schools of business administration in China, this School has a teaching staff of 116 members, whom 40 are professors, and 45 are associate professors, with 91 of them holding doctoral degrees (26 doctoral student tutors included). The faculty twice won the second prize of China's National College Humanities and Social Science Research (first prize vacant). 
The school has a supportive environment and a great quantity of up-to-date facilities for both faculties and students. This includes a periodicals reading room, a reference room (about 37000 books and 400 kinds of periodicals collected) as well as CJFD (China Journal Full-text Database) and BSP (Business Source Premier) which are jointly introduced from abroad with SCUT. 
In recent years, both teaching quality and academic pursuit level have been greatly raised as the result of the great significance attached to teaching quality, students’ innovative abilities enhancement, theoretical study, foreign language skills and computer skills upgrading. Extensive cooperation with outstanding universities abroad, with industrial and commercial enterprises, and with government departments is underway, providing the students with various opportunities for learning and practicing.
In the course of its development, the School has accumulated ample experience, and has found itself an educational institution with the students’ solid foundation for knowledge acquisition and high adaptability to work in society as its outstanding characteristics.
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