"SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund" Programme
2015-01-09 readCount:1735
Sofar we have 24,761 undergraduates. Among them, extraordinarily poor students accounts for 8%. In order to help them grow up better, in early 2013, alumni association of South China University of Technology launched “SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund” Programme.
Never let an excellent student quit school due to their family economic difficulties! “SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund” programme aims at sponsoring undergraduates with economic issues through alumni and associations, and other channels to raise stimulated learning fund. “SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund” will adhere to the concept of “assist students with difficulties, stimulate education, love school and teaching”. Through the form of “love relay” to make SCUT sprit develope with great love.
Alumni stimulated learning donation is no less than 100 yuan (or equivalent foreign currency), but without upper limit. Alumni individual and team whose donation amount to 6500 yuan each year could be referred to “SCUT alumni-XXX stimulated learning scholarship”. Alumni individual whose donation amounts to 60,000 yuan or alumni team whose donation amounts to 120,000 yuan (or equivalent foreign currency) could be referred to “SCUT alumni-XXX stimulated learning fund ”, and the donors will have the permanent naming rights.
A single spark can start a prairie fire. We believe that along with the implement of “SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund”, more and more students in SCUT will get the compassion donation. SCUT is full of warm sentiment, so we believe that in the future, more and more alumni will participate in the love relay to carry forward the fire of love.