"Activity Month of Union of Student Associations Fund" of SCUT
2015-01-09 readCount:1686
Initiated in 2001, the Activity Month of Student Associations (SA Activity Month) is jointly sponsored by SCUT's Youth League Committee and Student Union of Associations, and has become an important brand activity of SCUT's campus culture. Held from October to November every year, it provides a platform to show and publicize the 133 student associations.
With the fast development of student associations, SA Activity Month is organized and managed much better than before. Its content extends to such fields as technical innovation, social sciences and humanities, public service, arts, sports, etc. The Activity Month has become a stage for students to show their talents and realize their dreams, receiving great popularity among the young generation.
We sincerely welcome all forces to cooperate with us. As for the donor's return matters, we could make another discussion. Education Development Foundation will express its thanks according to the method made by school.