"Dedicating Young Lives to the Motherland" Technical Culture Festival Fund of SCUT
2015-01-09 readCount:1659
"Dedicating Young Lives to the Motherland” Technical Culture Festival of SCUT is a campus-culture-oriented brand activity with the longest history, largest scale and widest influence. It originated from the University Anniversary Art Festival in 1986 and Technical Festival in 1992. In 1999, the two were integrated into one activity which named as the Technical Culture Festival. The Festival lasts from October to November every year and is sponsored by the following SCUT’s units: Youth League Committee, Student Union, Graduate Union, Union of Social Groups for Students, and One-hundred-step Innovative Center for Students.
Keeping close pace with the time, every festival is featured by its up-to-date youth themes, rich contents and novel forms, giving the students a grand party on culture, arts, and technical innovation. It has greatly inspired the students to keep abreast with the latest happenings in the fronts of science and technology, fired their enthusiasm in technical innovation, and created a fine academic atmosphere on the campus.
Now, the Festival has developed into an important platform to improve students’ comprehensive qualities and exert greater influence among domestic universities especially those in south China. Here, students can be inspired confidence to show their wisdom and profound knowledge; here, students can indulge their imaginations and creative force to drive in the vast world of technology and culture; and here, students could find a wonderful world beyond books.
We sincerely welcome all forces to cooperate with us. As for the donor's return matters, we could make another discussion. Education Development Foundation will express its thanks according to the method made by school.