Architects interpret mosque with new materials and technologies
2017-03-10 readCount:829
In October 2016, The London-based architectural magazine Dezeen, published an in-depth review on the design ideas of the Dachang Muslim Cultural Center (燕郊大厂民族宫) in Hebei province.
Designed by SCUT Professor He Jingtang and his team at the Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT, the masterpiece “subtly interprets the spatial structure of a mosque with new materials and technologies”.
(Updated on March 9)
Since the construction of the 35,000-square-metre building was completed in 2015, its beauty has won attentions of architects, professionals and media outlets from all over the world.
On March 7, 2017, ArchDaily, one of the most visited and influential architecture websites worldwide, announced its 2017 ArchDaily China Building of the Year Awards. The Dachang Muslim Cultural Center, along with the Chetian Cultural Center and the Central Canteen of Tsinghua University, was named the Buildings of the Year in China.
To learn more about the art of the building, read the full ArchDaily report here.

Image by Yao Li
Edited by Xu Peimu