Director of the Social Science Department of Ministry of Education Zhang Donggang Visited South China University of Technology
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On November 19th , Zhang Donggang, director of the Social Science Department in Ministry of Education paid a visit to South China University of Technology for instruction, and was warmly welcomed by secretary of the party committee, Du Xiaoming. Nearly 110 people attended the meeting, including the executive vice president of SCUT Peng Xinyi, the vice president Zhang Xichun, other heads of different colleges, discipline leaders, chief experts of national important projects, heads of provincial chief research bases, backbone teachers and other related principals.

 The leaders and guests

Facing new development opportunities and challenges of Philosophy and social science, Peng Xinyi pointed out this visit was of great importance for the future development of philosophy and social science, and it would bring new ideas, new deployment and new measures for the future development of philosophy and social science in our country. Combine with our general development plan, as well as the general deployment of the Ministry of Education and our country, our school will promote the development of philosophy and social science in a all-round way.

The “Nine Plan” supported the 13th Five Year Plan

Zhang Xichun gave a report on the current situation and development plan of the philosophy and social science in SCUT. During the 12nd Five Year Plan, philosophy and social science developed rapidly and formed dozens of leading subjects and research fields. The construction of the high-end tanks and scientific research funds topped the list in our country. Moreover, the number of the social science awards and important national social science projects also ranked highly among the “985 project” universities. Some research reports of great strategic importance and social impact were recognized by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Ministry of Education. All these helped improve the overall strength and social impact of SCUT. As for the 13th Five Year Plan, our school aimed to make a special development plan for philosophy and social science, and spared no effort to improve our academic impact, social impact and policy-making impact, by implementing the “Nine Plan”.

 Director of the Social Science Department of Ministry of Education Zhang Donggang Zhang

Zhang Donggang fully affirmed the achievements of SCUT in developing philosophy and social science and gave guidance on future development. He pointed out that CPC Secretary General, Deng Xiaoping delivered an important speech on the historical status and importance of philosophy and social science on May 17th and aimed to build up a three-dimensional philosophy and social science system, combining subject system, academic system and discourse system. The philosophical and social science workers should have the sense of mission and responsibility, as well as academic vision. They should have the quality and ability to lead trends, adapt changes and innovate ideas. They were required to have the confidence and awareness of academic innovation. The history of human mind creations proved that the theoretical innovation and methodology innovation were the momentum to push the development of academic innovation. Zhang Donggang also put emphasis on the research direction. He said that we should find the problems correctly, dynamically track the problems and build up systems. In addition, he gave detail requirements for universities of science and technology to push the great-leap-forward development of philosophy and social science. We should implement the strategy which aims to revitalize reserve, combine liberal arts and science, and plan ahead. It is necessary of us to push our scientific research teams to solve the problems and realize the combination of liberal arts and science by using our traditional advantages. Last but not least, we need to make looking-forward layout and research, and to set up a scientific system by combining the national and regional strategies.

In addition, Professor Zheng Yongnian, president of the Institute for Public Policy Research of Academic Committee, and Professor Song Tiebo in Chinese Enterprise strategic management research center gave reports on the construction situation of think tanks and cultivation of think tanks respectively.