SCUT works with district government to build IIIA hospital in Tianhe
January 25,2017 11:33:52 readCount:375
On January 23, SCUT and the Tianhe District Government officially initiated the joint project of building the SCUT Affiliated Tianhe Hospital, which is planned as a Class IIIA public hospital *.
A framework agreement to facilitate the mutual effort was signed by SCUT President Wang Yingjun and Tianhe District Governor Chen Jiameng, witnessed by Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee Zhang Xichun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering He Jingtang, Guangzhou Deputy Mayor Li Ming, and Secretary of the CPC Tianhe District Committee.
This new medical facility, also known as the Second General Hospital of Tianhe District, will be the ninth Class III hospital in Tianhe District of Guangzhou.
Located at the Kemu Langgui Ridge in the northeast of the district, an area that convenes a great number of high-end information service companies with a prospect of hosting 300,000 residents in the future, the hospital is designed to meet the area’s increasing demands on medical and health services, covering 87.23 acres with 1,000 beds in the plan.
The project is also an innovative attempt on developing new collaborative patterns between the local government and the university. The hospital will be directly affiliated to SCUT that deals with hospital operation and personnel management, as the District Government is responsible for providing lands and constructing buildings as well as supporting infrastructures.
* Hospitals in China are organized according to a 3-tier system that recognizes Class IIIA hospitals as the largest ones that provide top specialist health services and perform a bigger role with regard to medical education and scientific research.

Source from the University News Center
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu