Second Affiliated Hospital unveils plaque
2017-03-03 readCount:565
On February 27, the first day of the new semester, SCUT unveiled the plaque of its Second Affiliated Hospital at the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, meaning this Class IIIA hospital now joins SCUT as a directly affiliated hospital.
After this important milestone both for the university and the hospital, they will facilitate mutual efforts in advancing clinical teaching, improving personnel establishment, building research bases, as well as providing top-level medical services to citizens in a manner that is more effective, qualified and convenient.
As one of the oldest medical facilities in the city, the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital offers specialist health services in 50 medical specializations, including gastroenterology, geriatrics, general surgery, hematology, orthopedics and respiratory medicine as its best.

Photo by Wu Xiaxi
Edited by Xu Peimu