One-hundred-steps Innovative Center for Students
2018-01-11 readCount:5595

One-hundred-steps Innovative Center for Students, instructed by SCUT Youth League Committee, is a school-level student organization, providing the students with campus information and internet services.

The Center has many sub-sites including the online identification system of the Quality Development Program for Undergraduates, the official website of the 8th "Challenge Cup" National Undergraduate Extra-curricular Academic, Scientific and Technological Achievements Competition, and Top-speed Music. It has developed its own news management system, FTP search engine, and online trade platform.

Besides, it has successfully live broadcast many large-scale activities. As one of the most renowned national undergraduate websites, it has received a large number of awards, such as the Star National Students Website, Top Ten National College Student Websites, and Top Ten Guangdong College Student Websites, to name just a few.