Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs
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Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs
The Office of Academic Affairs, led by the President of South China University of Technology, is an administrative department dedicated to providing excellent education via quality teaching and learning. The office is responsible for academic affairs of full-time undergraduates of South China University of Technology.
The Office of Academic Affairs has 11 divisions, including the General Office, Office of Teaching Administration, Office of Cooperation and Exchange, Office of Teaching Research, Office of Teaching Plans and Management , Office of Practical Teaching, Office of Classroom Management , Office of Textbook Management, Examination Center, Evaluation Center and Center for Faculty Development.
The General Office
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1. To archive and manage documents and files of the Office of Academic Affairs
2. To manage the seals and operation expenses of the Office of Academic Affairs
3. To purchase facilities and manage assets of the Office of Academic Affairs
4. To maintain the website of the Office and update relevant information
5. To handle complaints and daily reception
6. To manage the copy room and conference room
7. To make and submit statistical reports of the Office of Academic Affairs
8. Other tasks assigned
Yang Qiong
Tel: 020-87110726
Address: Room 1220, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Office of Teaching Administration
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1. To manage registration and enrollment of full-time undergraduates
2. To process transfer requests of full-time undergraduates between universities or majors; recommend postgraduate candidates to be exempted from admission exams
3. To review and grant academic degrees and diplomas for full-time undergraduates, and manage electronic registration of education background
4. To provide information technology in academic affairs
5. To provide on-line course selection and registration services
6. To handle academic records and credit transfer
7. To plan and organize school precaution and learning assistance procedures
8. To organize course classes
9. To manage minor studies and minor degrees
10. To analyze and verify, print and distribute various statistical reports
11. To produce official transcripts for overseas study, undergraduate education certificates and enrollment certificates
12. To produce graduation certificates and degree verification
13. To provide student cards and discount cards for train tickets
14. To supervise and train undergraduate academic staff
15. Other tasks assigned
Liang Zhigang  (Wushan Campus)
Tel: 020-87111492  
Address: Room 1214 Building 1, Wushan Campus
Ling Ziming (University Town Campus)
Tel: 020-39380109
Address: 1st Floor, Library, University Town Campus
Office of Cooperation and Exchange
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.    To promote internationalization of undergraduate education
2.    To coordinate the program agreements, funding, registration, credit transfer and guidance for undergraduate students exchanged to our partner universities home and abroad
3.    To create an international environment for our undergraduates; edit and publish the Undergraduate International Annual Report
4.    To assist selection and recommendation of undergraduates for study abroad programs
5.    To manage “2+2”, “3+2” International classes
6.    To supervise the Study Abroad and Exchange Association (SEA) and organize activities
7.    Other tasks assigned
Wang Yanan
Tel: 020-87110736
Address: Room 1214, Building 1, Wushan Campus
Office of Teaching Research
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.    To conduct research on undergraduate teaching and learning; reform undergraduate education policies; organize materials of teaching research and reform, as well as to select receivers of the Teaching Research Articles Award. 
2.    To promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and reform talent cultivation models
3.    To design and manage undergraduate programs and enrollment plan
4.    To establish and manage undergraduate teaching teams
5.    To design and organize all kinds of Teaching Reform classes, Innovation Classes, and Experimental Classes; to edit and publish Innovation Classes Annual Reports and Excellence Classes Annual Reports
6.    To declare and manage the Undergraduate Further Reform projects by the Ministry of Education and the Quality Project by Guangdong Province
7.    To select, recommend and manage members of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province and SCUT; to enroll teachers in the groups or organizations associated with the Higher Education Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education
8.    To report teaching research and reform statistics
9.    Other tasks assigned
Liang Quansen
Tel: 020-87110720 email:
Address: Room 1218, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Office of Teaching Plans and Management
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1. To plan and implement undergraduate comprehensive cultivation schemes and policies
2. To plan and review undergraduate teaching plans and syllabus of all specialties
3. To plan and review course descriptions
4. To advance English-medium courses, freshmen seminars and general education courses
5. To establish MOOCs and promote blended learning
6. To study and promote course and teaching reform
7. Other tasks assigned
Xiao Hui
Tel: 020-87110727 email:
Address: Room 1218, Building 1, Wushan Campus
Office of Practical Teaching
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.    To plan and manage practical teaching on and off campus; to organize and implement engineering training, electronic technique practice, teaching practice, design projects, graduation dissertation/design projects, etc.
2.    To establish and manage practical teaching bases on /off campus
3.    To plan, supervise and reform undergraduate experimental education; to organize and declare Exploratory Experiments Project and Quality Experiment Courses Project
4.    To declare, construct, examine experimental education centers at the national and provincial level; to construct and manage experimental education centers at the school level
5.    To organize participation of China’s “Internet Plus” Contest for College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as well as various competitions home and abroad
6.    To select and declare college student innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and carry out joint education and research projects between the university and the industry
7.    To coordinate the construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases at the national level
8.    To carry out and supervise the Second Class scheme
9.    Other tasks assigned
Zheng Xiangyu
Tel: 020-87111436
Address: Room 1219, Building 1, Wushan Campus
Office of Classroom Management
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.    To process course and examination scheduling requests
2.    To coordinate and manage public classrooms
3.    To supervise facility management of public classrooms
4.    To register fixed assets of public classrooms; purchase and manage supporting facilities
5.    Other tasks assigned
Xu Yuhua
Tel: 020-87110750
Address: Room 1215, Building 1, Wushan Campus
Office of Textbook Management
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.    To plan and manage undergraduate education materials; select and declare planned education materials at all levels; review overseas original-version textbooks; carry out research on education materials
2.    To purchase and distribute education materials; evaluate and award quality materials
3.    To organize using key teaching materials of the Marxism Theory Research and Development Project
4.    Other tasks assigned
Zeng Xueli
Tel: 020-39383001
Address: Room 008, Building A1, University Town Campus
Evaluation Center
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.    To prepare, coordinate and adjust works related to the Evaluation and Review by the Ministry of Education; to collect and analyze basic status data of undergraduate education on the university and school level
2.    To draw up Undergraduate Education Quality White Paper of each school
3.    To guide and assist schools in program evaluation and accreditation; carry out assessment of new programs and selection of High-Quality Programs
4.    To organize various inspections such as teaching quality assessment by the students, mid-term classroom inspection, etc.; to deal with investigation, evidence collection and identification of conduct violation related to undergraduate education by any faculty or staff
5.    To organize assessment and recommendation of the outstanding teacher awards (including the Nanguang Excellent Teaching Award, and the Outstanding Teacher Award, etc.)
6.    To count on and grant overtime payment of undergraduate courses
7.    Other tasks assigned
Lu Kaicong
Tel: 020-87113711 email:
Address: Room 1217, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Examination Center
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.    To regulate examinations of undergraduate students; to organize and inspect final examinations, and manage the test papers; to handle exam misconducts, exam result reconsideration; to produce and distribute the Exam Express
2.    To conduct theoretical research on undergraduate course examinations; to design and carry out reform in undergraduate course examination; to manage the on-line examination system, and analyze examination results
3.    To manage the national-level Confidential Materials Room; to maintain confidentiality of national-level examination papers and confidential theses; to manage the confidentiality-involved personnel and facilities
4.    To organize undergraduate examination matters, such as examination inspection, printing, management and distribution of examination papers; to print the exam papers for graduate students and the School of Continuing Education; to manage the printing staff and maintain the printing facilities
5.    To organize students to take part in the College English Test (CET 4/6) and the College Computer Test
6.    Other tasks assigned
Liu Bo
Tel: 020-87112234
Address: Room 202/203, Building 32, Wushan Campus
Center for Faculty Development
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.    To initiate theoretical studies on faculty teaching development and draw up relevant policies of faculty teaching development
2.    To enhance construction of the faculty development specialist team; to provide consultation and guidance on teaching
3.    To select and recommend candidates for Top Teachers at all levels
4.    To hold faculty training sessions and seminars on a regular basis for teachers from South China or across the country
5.    To organize faculty teaching seminars and exchange activities, and provide guidance for such activities in the schools
6.    To provide training for teachers at different levels, including trainings of teaching skills for new teachers, educational technology applications, graduate teaching assistants training, as well as training in EMI (English as medium of instruction) and education research and reform, etc.
7.    To set up Excellent Undergraduate Courses Demonstration
8.    To hold the Teaching Contest for Young Faculty
9.    Other tasks assigned
Wu Zhao
Tel: 020-87110720
Address: Room 1218, Building 1, Wushan Campus