Students win sole first prize in contest of construction engineering
2017-07-10 readCount:592
Three student teams of SCUT gave an outstanding performance in the 10th Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM10) that was held in Tsinghua University on June 30.
118 teams at home and abroad participated in this year’s competition. After going through a fierce competition in the preliminary and securing three places in the twelve seats of entering the final, students of SCUT won the only first prize of the competition, as well as a third prize and a merit prize.
The three teams were all from SCUT’s School of Civil and Transportation (SCT). Presenting their works in various forms such as videos and stage plays in fluent English, they showed rigorous thinking, professional knowledge and effective teamwork, which won them a high praise from the judges and the audience.
The Department of Engineering and Management at the SCT saw this competition as a valuable opportunity to test the teaching quality of the faculty and abilities of the students. Before the final, students rehearsed twice in front of a number of professors and specialists, who gave professional advices to help them organize the presentation and design the PPT.
[List of rewarded programs]
1. “Research on the Smart Trash Can with Automatic Detection Function and The Optimization of Municipal Waste Collection” by Huang Xuhui, Huang Jing, Li Jinmin, Li Mengyuan, Huang Dianye, Zhong Lina
Winner, first prize
Instructed by Li Hongyang, Yan Hui, Wu,Fan Wang Yousong, Zhang Yan
2. “Kinect-based Working Status Analysis of Construction Workers” by Luo Dehuan, Qi Mingyuan, He Di, Yu Ciyuan, Wang Ruyu, Lin Kaihang
Winner, third prize
Instructed by Deng Yichuan, Shen Qiyu
3. “Intelligent Traffic Light System: Dynamically Adjusts the Time of Green Light for Pedestrians Based on Automatic Number Recognition” by Zeng Xiangpeng, Yu Dai Junyue, Chen Bicheng, Peng Qiqi, Dai Zhiyu, Jin Bolin
Winner, merit prize
Instructed by Yan Hui, Li Hongyang, Wu Fan, Wang Yousong, Zhang Yan

Written by the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
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