SCUT wins sole first prize of BCI Controlled Robot Contest at WRC 2017
2017-08-30 readCount:519

A team from SCUT’s Center for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Brain Information Processing was awarded the only first prize of the BCI Controlled Robot Contest at the World Robot Conference 2017 (WRC 2017), which was held in Beijing from August 23 to 27.
Two of SCUT’s research programs, a multimodal BCI-controlled wheelchair system and a BCI-based consciousness detection system, showed outstanding performances in the contest and emerged out of entries submitted by over 20 teams from some of the best universities and research institutions, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong addressed the opening ceremony of the WRC 2017 on August 23, hailing robotics as the “crown jewel” of manufacturing, a disrupter and a trendsetter that will lead tomorrow’s world. She urged that people should stick to the path of economic globalization, harnessing the efficiency of universities, research institutions, enterprises and industry organizations, and carry out extensive collaboration in scientific research, talent fostering and achievements sharing.
The BCI Controlled Robot Contest, as one of the major contests of this year’s WRC events, was hosted by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University. It accepted entries in two categories: medical applications and non-medical applications.
Professor Li Yuanqing, who is the head of SCUT’s team, said that this contest came to presence because BCI technologies are playing a key role in robotic research. BCI is a significant cross-disciplinary filed created by neurology and engineering, showing wide application prospects in medical rehabilitation, aiding the old and disabled, and military uses.
He Hongsheng, a PhD student of SCUT’s School of Automation Science and Engineering, is a senior member of the team and the operator of the BCI-controlled wheelchair. He referred his team’s success to years of hard working and accumulation. The team was among the best in the last two sessions of BCI competitions held by the National Natural Science Foundation, and for this time at the WRC, they impressed the judges' panel with excellent capabilities in BCI controlling and clinical practice.
The World Robot Conference is China’s largest robotic event that applies the highest standards and attracts a wide range of international participation. The topic of this year was to promote “win-win collaborative innovation toward the building of an intelligent society”.
The conference offered a venue to perform high level academic exchanges and demonstrations on latest research results, to facilitate international coordination and innovation, to discuss impacts of the robot reform on the future society, and thus to provide the basis for China's efforts to draw up a strategy for developing its robotic industry and to transform its manufacturing industries.

Source from the Center for Brain Computer Interfaces and Brain Information Processing
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu