New innovation park opens in Shunde to promote technology transfer
2018-02-05 readCount:782

The Shunde Innovation Park (SIP), a new branch of SCUT’s National Science Park, has opened in Shunde District of Foshan to perform high-level scientific research and provide technological assistance to enterprises.
After SCUT and the district government of Shunde last July signed the agreement of building the SIP, the official opening of the innovation zone was celebrated on January 23.
Distinguished guests that attended the ceremony included Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, Guo Wenhai, Secretary of the CPC Shunde District Committee, Li Yajuan, Associate Counsel of the Guangdong Department of Education, and Wu Yechun, Vice President of SCUT.
Zhang Xichun, in his keynote speech, pointed out that the SIP will be working on multiple tasks including conducting frontier scientific research, producing high-level technological results, performing original and key innovation, and serving the country’s major needs.
He also expected it to take focus on providing support to the local economy and community, solving technical difficulties for enterprises, and incubating new businesses of technology and innovation.
Guo Wenhai gave high credit to the collaboration between SCUT and enterprises in Shunde for their contribution of boosting the local economy. The partnership helped Shunde build an industrial complex that now features manufacturing of home appliances and mechanical equipment, two industrial clusters that are both worth over 200 billion yuan.
He indicated that the local administration, along with assistance of SCUT, will provide efficient services and a full set of supporting facilities to advance the development of the SIP.
Shunde, situated next to the south of Guangzhou, is an important section of the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle. After nearly forty years of economic reform and opening-up, it is now one of China’s most productive centers for manufacturing industries.
SCUT has a long history of close connections with enterprises in Shunde. In 1979, when China was on its first steps of economic reform, faculty members of SCUT used to be technical consultants at local factories. Those consultants were later called “Sunday Engineers” by the media for their substantial support for the early development of Shunde.
SCUT’s Shunde Innovation Park, as an extension of this friendship, will be built at the University Satellite Town on the south of Guangzhou. The 40,000-square-meter zone will function as a hub of technology transfer, high-tech business incubation, personnel training, and industry-university-research collaboration, in particular, with regard to artificial intelligence, robot, precision manufacturing, advanced materials, biological environmental protection, cyber space, and big data.

Source from the Office of Technology Transfer
Translated and compiled by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Cheng Yu