(Lecture, Apr 16) Some Recent Results in Chemotaxis Models
2018-04-15 readCount:120
Topic: Some Recent Results in Chemotaxis Models
Speaker: Dr. Cao Xinru
Venue: Room 4318, Building No.4, Wushan Campus
Time: Monday, Apr 16, 2018, 19:10-19:40
This talk is concerned with some recent results in several kinds of chemotaxis models. We first introduce the classical Keller-Segel model and show a new blow-up criterion for the solutions, for which, a new interpolation inequality and the maximal Sobolev regularity (MSR) with time potential functions are established. Furthermore, we can apply the MSR result to a wider class of cross-diffusion model (Logistic model and chemotaxis-haptotaxis model), to show global existence of the solutions and their large time behavior. Additionally, some chemotaxis-fluid system will be discussed.

Announced by School of Mathematics