3 ways for freshmen to study at Guangzhou International Campus
2018-07-03 readCount:771

From the year 2018, applications are open for students of SCUT to take courses in emerging engineering subjects at the Guangzhou International Campus, while fresh students are given three options for studying there in the future.
SCUT plans to enroll 6,300 fresh undergraduates this autumn, while part of these students will be having opportunities of studying at the Guangzhou International Campus, the third campus of the university after the ones at Wushan and the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center.
The university has recently formally initiated the construction of this new campus, which will be hosting 10 sub-schools involving emerging engineering disciplines, bringing together masterminds and top teams from the globe, engaging in fundamental research, and making academic breakthroughs.
Currently, the first option for students to study there will be minoring in subjects provided by the new campus, and qualified students will be granted certificates of double degree. Applications will be open to students who develop interests in cross-disciplinary fields rather than their own majors.
In addition, students in their second year may choose to take a selection examination, and those who get through will be permitted to transfer their majors to the emerging engineering subjects provided by the new campus.
After the above two options, students may also apply for graduate programs at the new campus in the future, a path for them to develop the academic excellence under the instruction of some of the world’s most prestigious scholars.

Source from the Admission Office
Translated and compiled by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Wang Manjie