(Lecture, Aug 15) Solid-state NMR of Organic Molecules
2018-08-05 readCount:130
Topic: Solid-state NMR of Organic Molecules
Speaker: Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama (RIkagaku KENkyusho/Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Venue: Room 324, Building No.2, Wushan Campus
Time: Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018, 15:30
NMR is widely used method to elucidate the atomic level structure and dynamics. However, the NMR spectra of rigid solids give featureless broad signals because of presence of anisotropic interactions, hampering widespread applications. These broadening can be removed by spinning the sample at the magic angle, i.e. magic angle spinning (MAS). Since the invention of MAS, solid-state NMR becomes widely used to obtain atomic level information of nonsoluble and noncrystalline samples of any shape and size.
First, we will demonstrate the idea of MAS and discuss the typical applications to organic polymers. The detailed structure of polyethylene can be obtained from a single one-dimensional NMR spectrum. The change in molecular dynamics below and above the glass transition temperature can also be very easily observed.
Second, we will introduce the cutting edge MAS technology and its applications. While MAS rates are typically limited to 10 – 20 kHz, the cutting edge technology enables the ultrafast MAS NMR (~120 kHz). Such a fast MAS opens a new avenue to structural elucidation of organic molecules. Some recent results will be introduced.
Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama is currently unit leader of nano-crystallography unit of RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center (Japan) and researcher in JEOL RESONANCE Inc. He received his Ph.D. In 2002 from Kyoto University where he worked on solid-state NMR methodology development of oriented materials with Prof. Takehiko Terao. After obtaining Ph.D., he moved to RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center as a postdoc and worked on general theory to manipulate spin Hamitonian with Dr. Toshio Yamazaki. In 2007, he joined JEOL Ltd. as a researcher and is involved in various aspects of solid-state NMR including hardware development, implementing new software, application to material, chemical, biological sciences, etc. From 2014, he is concurrently appointed as a unit leader at RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center in order to focus on academic research. His interest is methodological development and application of solid-state NMR, especially very fast MAS techniques > 100 kHz. He has published more than 80 peer reviewed article in international journals.

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