(Lecture, Nov 12) Understanding Molecular Painciples Govering Nano-Scale Interactions with Living Organisms: The Route to Engineered Medicines
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Title: Understanding Molecular Principles Govering Nano-Scale Interactions with Living Organisms: The Route to Engineered Medicines
Speaker: Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson (University College Dublin)
Venue: Room 101, Building B2, University Town Campus
Time: Nov. 12, Monday, 9:00
We discuss the microscopic molecular principles of organization at the nanoscale that may be used to control and direct biological processes. Increasing understanding is emerging about the detailed consequences of molecular organizations on the surface of nanostructures and the role this has at cellular and organ (e.g. liver clearance) immune and others. However, now the first detailed information is also becoming available for the role of nanoscale shape, and the potential role of shape in stimulating living systems.
The talk will stress the potential for a structured and rational design approach, based on fundamental understanding to improve on current phenomenological design approaches alone. Some considerations of scaling up, in GLP-like conditions are given, and the potential for a these combined approaches to lead to realistic therapies. We stress the potential to build a durable science, with great potential impact, for the long term.
Prof Kenneth A. Dawson is the Director of the Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI) and Chair of Physical Chemistry at University College Dublin. He has received several international prizes, including the 2007 Cozzarelli prize from the National Academy of Sciences USA, as well as IBM, Packard, Canon, Sloan and Dreyfus prize, Harrison Medal of RSC, Lindemann Fellow.
Prof Dawson is recognized as a leading thinker on the principles governing the interactions of nanoscale entities with living organisms, and implications for bionanoscience. He is the founder of the modern conception and understanding of the ‘protein (biomolecular) corona’ responsible for the biological identity of engineered nanoparticles. The ultimate goal of his research is to unravel the mechanisms underlying the interactions between complex nanostructures and living systems and to develop novel ways of using the nanoscale in precision diagnostics and therapeutics.
His professional roles include acting as the coordinator of the European Infrastructure in Nanosafety, representing Ireland on various international bodies, including the OECD and ISO working groups on standards for Nanotechnology. He has been an advisor on nanoscience matters in the EU New Risk Committee of the European Commission, as well as the Advisory Group of the European Medicines Agency.
Prof Dawson has experience in the management of large-scale EU projects, including multi-sectoral cross-disciplinary research projects and other international programs. He is Editor of Physica A,Associate Editor of Journal of Nanoparticle Science, ACS Applied Biomaterials, ACS Nanoenvironmemntal, Sciotneific Reports and others as well as (from January) ACS Nano.

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