“Beauty of China” debuts at Guangzhou Opera House
2018-10-28 readCount:120

Beauty of China, a dance production directed and performed by SCUT's School of Arts, make debut at Guangzhou Opera House this Monday.
It was the opening show of the second season of Stars Monday, a stage provided by Guangzhou Opera House for young artists to put their works on display at one of the best theatres in Asia.
Gao Song, SCUT's President, and Zhu Min and Wu Yechun, SCUT's Vice Presidents, attended the evening to give their blessings to teachers and students who particpated in the performance, and then witnessed the opening, together with over a thousand audience in the theatre.
Beauty of China is a series of dances that exhibits various landscapes and customs in different parts of China. It tells stories of five international students, who set off from Guangdong province to the north, travel across the great mountains and rivers, explore the Chinese culture, and develop love for the country.
Here are a few moments on the stage:

Source from the School of Arts
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Yang Manxi
From the SCUT News Network