(Lecture, Nov 30) Analysis of a taxis cascade system
2018-11-26 readCount:53
Title: Analysis of a taxis cascade system
Speaker: Prof. Tao Youshan (Donghua University)
Venue: Meeting Room 318, Building 4, Wushan Campus
Time: Nov. 30, Friday, 16:00-17:00
We consider a model for food consumption in populations consisting of two groups, where the populations in the first group are so-called producers that directly orient their movement towards higher food concentrations, and where in contrast to this, the members of the second group are referred to as scroungers that take a parasitic foraging strategy and they search for food by rather biasing their migration upward density gradients of the producers. The interplay of such simple mechanisms of ``producing" and ``scrounging" possibly leads to some complex pattern formations, e.g. the formation of certain shearwater flocks through attraction to kittiwake foragers observed in Alaska. We mainly report some results on global smooth solvability as well as asymptotic behavior of solutions to this new model in the one-dimensional case. This talk is based on a recent joint work with Michael Winkler (Paderborn)

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