(Short-term credit course, Nov 28-Dec 4) Quantum mechanics and quantum information
2018-11-27 readCount:29
Speaker: Dr. Daoyi Dong (University of New South Wales) 

Nov. 28(Wednesday) 19:00——21:35     Room 503, Building 32
Introduction to quantum mechanics and quantum information
Nov. 29(Thursday)  9:00—— 17:00     Meeting Room(6th floor) , Building 3
International Workshop on Quantum Cybernetics and Machine Learning
Nov. 30(Friday)    19:00——21:35     Room 504, Building 32
Quantum state estimation
Dec. 1(Saturday)   19:00——21:35     Room 503, Building 32
Quantum filtering and quantum system identification
Dec. 2(Sunday)     19:00——21:35     Room 505, Building 32
Quantum learning control and quantum robust control
Dec. 3(Monday)     14:30——17:05     Room 504, Building 32
Introduction to quantum machine learning
Dec. 4(Tuesday)    14:30——17:05     Room 521, Building 3
Academic discussion

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