(Lecture, Nov 30) Structural mechanism of bacterial endotoxin transporter
2018-11-29 readCount:43
Title: Structural mechanism of bacterial endotoxin transporter
Speaker: Asso.Prof. Yanyan Li(Harvard University)
Venue: Dongtang Hall, Building No.13, Wushan Campus
Time: Nov 30, Friday, 19:00-20:00
Associate professor, Dr. Yanyan Li is an international renowned young scientist in the field of microbiology, receiving her Ph.D. in Jiangnan University. Since 2015, she has been an associate professor, and is currently working in Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School. During 2009 to 2012, she had made academic visits to the university of Maryland, duke university and other prestigious universities. Her major research interests include microbial metabolism, structure biology and immunology. She has published a lot of manus in top journals, including (2017, 549), (2012, 109), etc.

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