Special Education Fund

Special education fund mainly refers to the education fund named after the social or school famous people and professor for funding or rewarding a specific project. These celebrities or scholars have made an outstanding contribution to the creation and development of SCUT, and had a profound influence in all fields of society especially the alumni home and abroad.
At present, there are "Feng Bingquan Education Fund", "He Jingtang Education Fund" and other special education fund for school. The special education fund is designed to reward excellent students and teachers, supporting for students and teachers' academic exploration and innovation research.
Funds will continue to converge the power of alumni and all walks of life, and actively promote the development and construction of SCUT education, as to work toward the aim of becoming the domestic first-class, the world's best-known comprehensive research university.

Donation Ceremony of “He Jingtang Education Fund” 

Prize-giving Scene of “Feng Bingquan-Cai Jianzhong Scholarship”