Library Collections

SCUT is a multidisciplinary university, focusing on engineering, combined with science, and in coordination with the development of management, economics, politics, law, humanities and arts. As the information and document Center of the university, the library is developing its document resources according to the nature and the disciplines of the university. The library collects books through various channels domestic and overseas, with a focus on computer science, automation science, the electric power, transportation, automotive engineering, architecture, mechanics, chemical engineering, light industry, material science, electronics and information, food and biology, paper production and environment, industrial equipment, business management, and electronic business, etc. Moreover, it also covers broad fundamental subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and foreign languages. Attention has also been paid to the collections on humanities and social science, such as economics and commerce, law, journalism and communication, arts, tourism and hotel management, which are categorized into books, periodicals, dissertations, conference records, standards, patents, product summary and other reference books. By the end of 2008, the library collections have totaled 5,160,000 volumes, in which 3,000,000 are printed documents and 2,160,000 electronic ones. The yearly subscription of current periodicals in Chinese and other languages reaches 2,500 kinds.
In recent years, the library has been attaching great importance to the development of electronic document resources. To help build a high-level university under the "211 project" and "985 project", and to meet the needs of the teachers and students for diversified information, the library is gradually and in a planned way installing various kinds of foreign and domestic databases, such as abstracting and indexing type, the fact databases, the full-text and CD-ROM databases, etc. The library has already owned the entries of important foreign and domestic networks and 179 electronic databases, with the world-renowned technological documents search tools and electronic periodicals full-text databases of great reputation in the world, the database for the dissertations of graduate students and electronic books. At present, teachers and students of the university are able to search and utilize over 2,040,000 volumes of foreign and domestic electronic books, electronic periodicals and the electronic versions of graduate students' dissertations via the campus network. Moreover, the "Dialog" International Online Searching System enables the usage of more than 600 professional databases. The contents of the databases mentioned above cover a wide range of subjects and fields, providing the teachers and students with the up-to-date and high quality information for scientific research and enabling them to catch up with the trend and hot issues of the world scientific development, thus promoting the acquisition of new knowledge and innovation of science and technology.