Training & Courses

    March 27 afternoon, the subject librarian was invited into the Faculty of Science, to carry out entitled "Library resources utilization and service" seminars for teachers and students. First teacher librarians museum electronic resources and services made a presentation, combined with digital library platform to highlight the process of document retrieval and knowledge discovery, and demonstrates how to use document management software easily and efficiently collect management literature.

    Since March, library deputy director personally spearheaded by business, it has already entered the School of Architecture, College of Business, conducting various forms, content-rich services disciplines. Jointly with the School of Architecture "discovery, find, organize - Document Retrieval Methods and Management Software" Sharon, teacher librarians to arouse interest in the information literacy, teachers and students to speak their minds; and to carry out cooperation with the College of Business Services courses embedded teaching "international business negotiations," the prominent student interaction dialogue, generate guide in the dialogue, the sentiment in the boot in.

   This series of disciplinary services, by the praise of teachers and students to participate, and many teachers and students to reflect, "I did not expect the school library there are so many digital resources and services, did not expect such a comprehensive analysis of digital platform, did not think management software can be so easy the literature review carried out. "In the future, the library will combine their strengths, innovation and service model and dedication to the college, and the whole school disciplinary team tailored more exciting, personalized, high-quality services.