教务处Teaching Affairs Office
The Teaching Affairs Office, led by the President of South China University of Technology, is an administrative department dedicated to providing excellent education via quality teaching and learning. The office is responsible for academic affairs of full-time undergraduates and in charge of teaching management and services of South China University of Technology.
The Teaching Affairs Office has 6 divisions, including the General Office, Office of Teaching Research, Office of Teaching Administration, Office of Practical Teaching, Examination Center, Evaluation Center and Center for Faculty Development.
The General Office
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.教务处文件、档案的管理与归档工作;To archive and manage documents and files of the Teaching Affairs Office
2.教务处用印管理,业务经费管理;To manage the dean’s seal and operation expenses of the Teaching Affairs Office
3.教务处设备购置和财产管理;To purchase equipment and manage assets of the Teaching Affairs Office
4.教务处网站维护及信息更新;To maintain website of the Office and update relevant information
5.信访处理及日常接待;To deal with complaints and daily reception
6.复印室和会议室管理;To manage copy room and conference room
7.教务处信息资料统计上报。To make and submit statistical reports of the Teaching Affairs Office
办公电话: 020-87110726
Tel: 020-87110726
办公地点: 华南理工大学五山校区一号楼 1220室
Address: Room 1220, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Office of Teaching Research
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.本科专业建设与管理,特色专业的申报与管理;To build and manage undergraduate programs, to declare and manage characteristic specialties
2.本科专业培养方案和指导性教学计划的修订与调整;To revise and adjust undergraduate cultivation schemes and indicative teaching plans
3.本科教学组织机构的建设与管理(含教指委);To build and manage undergraduate teaching organizations (including the Teaching Guidance Committee)
4.本科教学改革项目的立项、申报与管理;To set up, declare and manage teaching reform projects
5.学科平台课程和通识课程的建设与管理;To build and manage teaching platform courses and general courses
6.本科课程教学大纲、课程简介的审编;To review and edit undergraduate syllabus and course introduction
7.精品课程建设项目的申报与管理;To declare and manage the construction programs of excellent courses
8.双语教学建设、国家双语教学示范课程的申报与管理;To build and manage bilingual courses and the National Bilingual Model Courses
9.国家人才培养创新试验区的申报与管理,人才培养模式创新组织与实施;To declare and manage the National Innovative and Experimental Area of Talent Development, to organize and implement the innovation of talent training mode
10.国家大学生文化素质教育基地的建设与管理;To build and manage the National Cultural Education Base for College Students.
11.“现代教务管理系统”中专业库、教师库、课程库的建设与管理;To establish and manage major database, teacher database and course database of the Modern Educational Management System
12.本科课程教材的建设与管理;To construct and manage undergraduate teaching materials
13.国家、省部级规划教材的申报与管理;To declare and manage the national planned teaching materials, the provincial and ministerial planned teaching materials
14.教育部万种新教材项目的立项、申报与管理。To set up, declare and manage the Construction Project of Thousands of New Teaching Materials initiated by the Ministry of Education
Tel: 020-87110727
Address: Room 1218, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
教学管理办公室 (交换生管理办公室)
Office of Teaching Administration (Office of Student Exchange Administration)
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.教学班的组织、管理;教务员管理;To organize and manage academic staff and teaching classes
2.学生报到注册;学生学籍管理;选课管理;学生成绩管理;To manage registration, enrollment, class schedule, academic records of undergraduates
3. 实施本科生培养计划;To implement undergraduate teaching programs
4.辅修(含辅修专业及辅修学士学位)报名、审核及管理;To manage application and review of additional studies (including minor and the second bachelor’s degree)
5.进修生的注册、审核及证书发放;To manage registration, review and certificate issuance of students of further education
6.学生学业的阶段审核毕业资格审核;To review phased academic performance and graduation qualification of undergraduates
7.毕业生学历电子注册;To manage electronic registration of graduate education background
8.全日制本科生学历学位审核及授予;To review and grant academic degree and diploma for full-time undergraduates
9.出国成绩、学历证明、在读证明办理;To transact official transcript for overseas study, graduation certificate and studying certificate
10.教学运行过程的监控、管理;To supervise and manage teaching process
11.开课情况统计、核对,各类统计报表的印发;To analyze and verify the arranged classes, to print and distribute various statistical reports
12.教室资源建设及使用的管理;To manage construction and application of classroom resources
13.编制学生手册,制定校历;To compile student handbook and school calendar
14.本科生的国内外校际交流;To manage undergraduate exchange programs with institutions both at home and abroad
15.推荐免试研究生;To recommend postgraduate candidates to be exempted from admission exams
16.教务管理系统及服务系统的建设、维护与使用;To build, maintain and operate academic management system and service system
17.学生证、火车票优惠卡办理。To manage student cards and discount cards for train tickets
Tel: 020-87111492, 87110736, 87110750
Address: Room 1214/1215, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Office of Practical Teaching
The main responsibilities of the office are:
1.国家大学生创新性实验计划的立项与管理;To initiate and manage the National Undergraduate Innovative Experiments Program
2.规划和指导实习教学及质量检查与评估;To plan and guide inspections and evaluations of practical teaching and quality
3.组织毕业论文(设计)管理及质量检查与评估;To manage graduation theses (designs) and implement quality inspections and evaluations
4.组织实施大学生研究计划(SRP)及研究成果管理;To organize the Student Research Program (SRP) and manage the research results
5.规划和组织各类学科竞赛;To plan and organize academic competitions
6.组织第二课堂学分、创新学分的认定与管理;To identify and manage the second class credits and the innovation credits
7.校内外实践教学基地建设与管理;To construct and manage practical teaching bases on /off campus
8.“现代教务管理系统”中实践教学部分的建设与管理。To build and manage the practical teaching parts of the Modern Educational Management System
Tel: 020-87111436
Address: Room 1219, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Center for Faculty Development
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.开展教师教学发展理论研究,拟定学校教师教学发展相关政策;To initiate theoretical studies on faculty teaching development and draw up relevant policies of faculty teaching development
2.分层次、分类型开展教学培训活动(教师教学技能培训、教育技术应用培训、研究生助教培训、全英语教学师资培训、教研教改业务培训等);To carry out hierarchical and classified teaching training activities (including trainings of teaching skills, educational technology applications, graduate teaching assistants, English as medium of instruction, teaching researches and reforms, etc.)
3.组织开展教师教学研讨和交流活动(青年教师课堂教学竞赛、优秀教学示范课、名师工作坊、教学研讨会、午餐会等) To organize faculty teaching seminars and communication activities (including classroom teaching competitions between young faculty, excellent teaching demonstration classes, top teacher workshops, teaching seminars and luncheon parties, etc.)
4.加强教师教学发展专家队伍建设,开展教学咨询指导服务;To enhance construction of specialist team and improve faculty teaching development; and to provide teaching consultation and guidance
5.优质教学资源库建设;To build up excellent teaching resource database
6.定期组织开展华南地区或全国教师培训和研讨交流活动;To regularly organize faculty trainings and exchange activities in South China or all over China
7.协助开展教学改革研究,推广教学改革成果;To assist in performing researches on teaching reform and promoting teaching reform achievements
8.协助开展教师课堂教学质量评估。To assist in evaluating classroom teaching quality
Tel: 020-87110720
Address: Room 1218, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Examination Center
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.全校本科生考试工作的组织、巡查、试卷印制、管理和分发等工作;To organize and manage undergraduate examination matters, such as examination inspection, printing, management and distribution of examination papers
2.全国大学英语四、六级考试与全国高等学校计算机水平考试的组织安排工作;To organize students to take part in the College English Test (Band4/6) and the College Computer Test
3.课程考试成绩分析和历年试卷的存档管理;To analyze curriculum examination results and archive examination papers over the years
4.审核和发放本科期末考试补贴;To audit and provide the final examination subsidies
5.本科课程试题库的建设与管理;To build and manage undergraduate curriculum examination database
6.试卷质量监控及规范化管理;To realize quality control and standardized management of examination papers
7.课程考试内容、方式改革研究。To study the reform of curriculum examination contents and methods
Tel: 020-87112234,020-87110438
Address: Room 202/203, Building 32, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology
Evaluation Center
The main responsibilities of the center are:
1.本科教学质量管理有关政策、措施等文件或方案的拟定;To draw up relevant documents and plans to manage undergraduate teaching quality
2.做好迎接教育部本科院校评估的准备、协调、评后整改等工作;To prepare, coordinate and adjust works related to evaluations of colleges and universities from the Ministry of Education
3.采集本科教学基本状态数据,开展学院本科教学评估;To collect basic status data of undergraduate teaching and evaluate undergraduate teaching of each school
4.指导、协助学院做好专业评估和专业(国际)认证;To guide and assist each school in major evaluation and (international) certification
5.组织开展开学初、重要假期后上课第一天、期中等各类教学检查; To organize teaching inspections on the first day of class after the holiday and in the middle of each semester
6.校、省、国家级教学成果奖的组织申报、评审与推荐;To organize declaration, review and recommendation of the university, provincial and national teaching achievement awards
7.组织开展优秀教师奖(“南光奖”、教学优秀奖、教学名师奖)评选和推荐工作;To organize assessment and recommendation of the outstanding teacher awards (including the Nanguang Award, the Excellent Teaching Award and the Outstanding Teacher Award)
8.开展教师课堂教学质量评估;To evaluate classroom teaching quality
9.教学督导员队伍建设与管理;To build and manage teaching supervisor team
10.教学事故调查、取证及认定处理;To deal with investigation, evidence collection and identification of teaching accidents
11.编印《本科教学质量报告》、《教学动态》;To compile and print Report on the Undergraduate Teaching Quality and Teaching Trends
12.本科课堂教学超工作量酬金统计和发放;To count on and grant overtime payment of undergraduate class teaching
13.教学质量监控与评估研究。To organize researches on supervision and evaluation of teaching quality
Tel: 020-87113711
Address: Room 1217, Building 1, Wushan Campus, South China University of Technology