The number of experimental teaching demonstration centers in the South China University of Technology has reached eight, one of which is the national teaching demonstration experimental center, while the other two are the provincial demonstration centers. Twenty-eight professional teaching laboratories function well in our university. Besides, we are in possession of seventeen key research laboratories of Ministry of Education and six Guangdong key laboratories as well. Ocuppying an area of 347,690 square meters in total, all laboratories in our university have 357 full-time laboratory technicians and experimentalists, 168,7000 pieces of educational teaching and researching equipment, whose financial values are equal to 1,417 billion. From 1996, the first year of carrying the the Ninth 5-year Plan to now, supported by the Project 211 (Chinese government’s endeavor with the purpose of strengthening about 100 institutions of higher education and key disciplinary areas as a national priority for the 21st century) and the Project 985 (Chinese educational development strategy to construct first-grade universities in the world and batches of world famous high quality researching universities), and other multi-channel funds raised by ourselves, we, adhering to the spirit of taking the whole situation into consideration,  with step-by-step implement, and unremitting endeavor over a long period of time, have established not quite few laboratories, which take the  leading position within the scope of whole nation.

In recent years, based on our development strategy: "talents strengthen the university, openness activates the university, and culture prospers the university", the project of constructing laboratories has merged into the mainstream of the elite college reforms and development with the aim of becoming the first grade within the nation and famous to outside world. We should take great efforts to enable the system of laboratory management and operation institution, closely cooperated with academic disciplines construction, teaching reforms and scientific researches, s !E struction and open shared reciprocalness, high-efficiency in management, well-coordination in operation and soundness in circulation to optimize the laboratories' structure, to improve their qualities and to outshine their features.