South China University of Technology (SCUT) is a key and comprehensive research-oriented university under “Project 985” and “Project 211”. It bears outstanding scientific research capacity with 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 foreign academician of Russian Academy of Engineering, 22 Chang Jiang Scholars and 30 receivers of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. It has 2,147 graduate instructors, including 749 doctoral supervisors.
Since 1978, SCUT has undertaken over 36,000 scientific research projects, of which 30 are sponsored by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 83 by Project 973, 168 by Project 863 while 112 titled as Key Programs of National Natural Science Fund and 2,441 as General Programs of National Natural Science Fund, with a total amount of nearly 89 billion RMB among these projects. In addition, it has been awarded 812 prizes at provincial level or above, including 64 national awards and 113 provincial or ministerial first prizes. Meanwhile, 33,395 papers have been published on SCIE, EI and CPCI-S(by the end of 2014). The University has 4,209 authorized patents, of which 2,476 are invention patents. SCUT has been ranking the top ten among domestic universities and colleges in terms of patent application number and patent authorization number for about 10 years.
The University has established a number of high level scientific research bases with remarkable research capacity, including 8 national key laboratories and engineering research centers, 4 national engineering research centers cooperating with enterprises,1 National and local joint engineering laboratory, 11 key laboratories and engineering research centers sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 35 provincial key laboratories and engineering research centers, and 18 provincial research bases for philosophy and social sciences.

The Science and Technology Department is under the leadership of Party committee and principal, and it is a department which is mainly responsible for scientific research, external development and cooperation on technology, academic exchanges, international cooperation on science and technology, scientific research products, scientific research funds, scientific research materials, scientific  research institutions, scientific research teams, scientific research confidentiality, scientific and technical information collection and analysis, intellectual property protection and  some other relevant work . The specific duties as follows:
1. Compile and implement the research development plans and the annual research plans for school. Formulate and implement policies and measures for scientific research work.
2. Organize relevant departments and personnel to apply for the various projects on science and technology of the government departments at all levels. Endeavor to obtain the domestic and foreign enterprise cooperation projects on science and technology, as well as the research and development projects commissioned by enterprises and institutions. Meanwhile, supervise and check the implementation of these projects.
3. Organize relevant personnel to participate in various conferences on science and technology held at home and abroad. Establish development and cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign institutions.
4. Organize and manage domestic academic activities and some international academic activities. Deal with recommendation, registration and management of various units or individuals at home and abroad to join various academic associations.
5. Deal with the signing, registration and management of the contracts for scientific research projects, as well as the contracts for projects on science and technology development.
6. Manage projects and funds on scientific research of the whole school.
7. Cooperate with the relevant departments to manage declaration, demonstration, evaluation and other relevant research business of the science and technology institutions which set up by government departments at all levels. Examine the construction declarations of university research institutes and engineering centers. Manage the science and technology business of scientific institutions in different levels and types.
8. Organize to deal with the identification, acceptance, assessment, reporting incentive, promotion, utilization, and patents application of the science and technology achievements for school.
9. Approval for the ranks of confidentiality for scientific research projects and achievements. Cooperate with relevant departments to guarantee confidentiality on science and technology. Sort out and preserve the science and technology archives.
10. Research on the development of science and technology. Collect, arrange and analyze the science and technology information. Organize annual statistical work on science and technology.
11. Deal with the scientific research business assessments. Cooperate with the personnel department to organize scientific research backbones, cultivate scientific research backbones, and deal with other related work.
12. Cooperate with Graduate School and Degree Office to set up key disciplines, doctoral stations and post-doctoral stations, and assess scientific research business.
13. Cooperate with the AssetsDepartment to manage scientific research goods and materials.Cooperate with theFinance Department to manage science and technology finance.
14. Edit and print "Compilation of Science and Technology Achievements", "Compilation of Science and Technology Cooperation Projects", "Science and Technology Briefing", "Science and Technology Work Guide", etc.
15. Take charge of the Editorial Office of Journal(Natural Science Edition) of South China University of Technology.
16. Guide the work of the deputy directors who are responsible for the scientificresearchand the secretariesof scientific researchin different faculties.
17. Undertake other work assigned by school.
The science and technology department
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