Introduction to Graduate Education

South China University of Technology (SCUT) first began to recruit postgraduates in 1956 and restored the enrollment of postgraduates in 1978. In 1981, SCUT was approved as one of China’s first institutions qualified to grant Doctor and Master’s Degrees by the State Council. In 2000, SCUT established the Graduate School with the permission of Ministry of Education and in 2011, SCUT was approved as one of the first group of pilot institutions for the cultivation of engineering doctors, which was the only one in South China. Currently, SCUT has more than 19,000 postgraduates, including over 3,000 doctoral candidates, over 11,300 full-time postgraduates and some 4,600 part-time postgraduates.
SCUT keeps perfecting its disciplinary system, covering 10 disciplines, namely, Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Arts. It now has 25 first-level disciplines authorized to grant Doctorate, 43 first-level disciplines authorized to grant Master’s Degree; authorization right of 17 professional degrees, including, Engineering Doctor (in two areas) and Master of Engineering (ME, in 25 areas),  Master of Business Administration (MBA), Juris Master (JM), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and 26 centers for post-doctoral studies. The comprehensive strength of The Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, Materials Science and Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Landscape Architecture ranks among China’s top 10. And Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Physics, Biology and Biological Chemistry rank the top 1% globally according to ESI.
SCUT boasts a batch of highly competitive scientific research institutions and technical R&D centers, including 131 provincial-level (and above) science research institutions. Such as three National Key Laboratories, five National Engineering (Technology) R&D Center, seven Ministry of Education Key Laboratories, four Ministry of Education Engineering Centers, 18 Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratories, 27 Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology R&D Centers, four Guangdong Provincial Engineering Laboratories, 21 Provincial-Level Humanities and Social Science Key Research Institutions, as well as National Grade I Architecture Design and Research Institute and National University Science Park.
SCUT attaches great importance to the construction of postgraduate supervisors and thus boasts abundant teacher resources. It currently employs 1,966 postgraduate supervisors, including three academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, five academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 28 double-hired academicians, 19 winners of Thousand-Talent Plan (including Thousand Youth Talents Plan), four National Top Teachers, 23 Yangtze River Scholars and 32 prize winners of National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth.
SCUT vigorously promotes international cooperation and exchanges and has engaged itself in a variety of projects, such as Double Degree (Doctor and Master’s Degree) Co-Cultivation, exchange student, short-term visiting student, summer holiday learning, overseas internship with over 20 renowned universities and colleges in US, France, Australia, UK, Italy, Holland and Japan. Besides, it has introduced CSC funded projects and “ Oversea Study Program of Guangzhou Elite Project”, which selects outstanding postgraduates to study in prestigious universities or scientific institutions, such as US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UK-based University of Cambridge.
SCUT focuses its attention on innovative practice of graduates and has cultivated postgraduates who repeatedly succeeded in global and national academic research and scientific competitions. They have won over 100 ministry and provincial-level (and above) competitions, which makes SCUT a front-runner among its peers. SCUT has produced over 50,000 postgraduates in various levels, who enjoy a remarkable overall employment rate of 99.83% and cover various areas, such as mechano-electronic, communication, electric power, construction, chemical engineering, material and light industry. A great number of SCUT graduates have made national science and technology experts, renowned entrepreneurs and top-ranking officials.
Innovative cultivation model, excellent teacher resources, competitive learning environment and international ideas on schooling have provided powerful support for the growth of postgraduates, who keep introducing high-quality achievements with international standard and have edged themselves among the main forces of SCUT’s scientific research. In the new development stage, SCUT will strive on the basis of talent cultivation and spare no effort in producing ever-more innovative, integrated and international top-ranking talents, who are capable of making giant contributions to the development of social economy. 
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