The introduction of Mechanical engineering experimental branch center
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Mechanical engineering experimental branch center is the specialized laboratory of Mechanical Engineering & Automation and  Mechatronic  Engineering, both of whom are the famous subjects in Guang Dong province. It was built in 1958,It includes the NC laboratory、the detecting laboratory、the forging and pressing laboratory、the cutting laboratory and the welding laboratory。The area is 3214 square meters. There are 1900 devices for teaching and research ,every one’s value of which is more than 800 RMB,The total value is more than 25 million RMB。There are 9 full-time experimental technicists. One of them is the super engineer, some of them are engineers and one of them is the super skilled worker. 3 people of them possess the engineering Master's degree,There are 9 teachers who are the concurrent posts in Mechanical engineering experimental branch center. Acting as the experimental courses and the graduating designs for the undergraduates in the school of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, and the task research of the teachers and the graduate students.
The laboratory adopts more than 500 students every year. The frequency is about 10072 times,The total time is 27120 hours。The major experimental courses are directed Mechanical Engineering & Automation、Mechatronic  Engineering and Industrial Design subjects. They include the experiments of Principles and Applications of Microcomputer、Numerical Control Technology of Machine Tool、Electric drive control technology、Machining and advanced manufacturing technology、Engineering Foundation of Industrial Design、Manufacturing Technology Foundation、Basis of Materials Forming & Processing、Manufacturing technology of the mould 、Punching design of the mould、、Electro-optical technology and systems、The basis of material forming technology、Robot welding automation and technology、Temperature and pressure sensor technology、Virtual instruments and test technology;and Comprehensive experimental Mechatronics innovation、Microcomputer principle and interface design、and the experiments of the graduated student’s courses  that areMicrocomputer technology、Cutting principle of the metal,The opened experiments number is about 50 items。There are some Creative ability training plan,For example: BAI BU TI PLAN、SRP research item and Experiment research item,These items improve greatly the student’s  knowledge for the leaning subject. In the process,  stimulating the creative ability of the students.
There are 11 devices, everyone value of whom is more than 400 thousands RMB. Their major parameters are introduced by the form later.
After all above devices meet the teaching and research’s demands, they are used the external service. Raising the device’s utilization ratio.  The major services include machining、part’s measuring 、reverse engineering and stretching and bending stress test of the material.