The Key Laboratory of Polymer Processing Engineering, Ministry of Education
2009-10-21 readCount:2916
The basic assignments of the laboratory are: create good conditions for scientific research and good environment for academic, to attract and gather Chinese and foreign outstanding scholars, to do some high level applied basic research in the frontier areas of macromolecular materials science and engineering, and provide the theoretic and technical equipments for the development of polymer molding and processing technology and other high and new technologies; actively participate the researching of the national important scientific and technological issues, research and development polymer molding and processing technology and equipments with independent intellectual property rights; cultivate and train high-level professionals in the processing of carrying out high level research; make the laboratory into a scientific researching and qualified personnel cultivating base, which opening at home and abroad and representing our advanced level for researching polymer molding and processing, to make contribution to China’s polymer industry, and create the conditions to become a state key laboratory.
The laboratory studies have clear direction, and form their own distinct characteristics in the field of polymer molding and processing engineering. Presently they successfully created the tensile fluid-variation plasticizing extruder, and applied to inflation film tests, achieved very good results. The tensile fluid-variation plasticizing extruder used a new plasticizing mechanism, made the extruder get rid of the screw, which will give a far-reaching influence for the field of polymer processing and plastic machinery.

The laboratory has a vibrant, reasonably structured and high level team for scientific research. It undertakes national important scientific research, have acquired a number of innovative scientific research achievements. In the high-level personnel cultivating, it obtained outstanding achievements, and carried out fruitful foreign exchanges and cooperation. The laboratory has obtained significant progress in the aspects of scientific research, personnel cultivating, foreign exchanges and cooperation, and laboratory development and management since it was established