Industrial Design
Programme Code: 080303    Duration4 years
Educational Objectives:
Objective 1: to cultivate professionals with full development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics, with positive outlook, philosophy and value view as well as strong socialist beliefs. Students should be trained to have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility; have strong ability of self-study and strong ability of innovation and scientific research; have certain ability of art appreciation.
Objective 2: to equip the students with solid design foundation, comprehensive language application ability, innovation design ability, model making ability, computer application ability, as well as general management performance, the ability of information resource utilization, etc. They should also be trained to have the ability to analyze and solve practical problems independently with the obtained knowledge. In addition, we should improve student’s knowledge level and structure. Catering to the trend of International industrial design development, students must have the international designing vision and some related skills of international communication.
Objective 3: Students should be trained to have a solid foundation of basic knowledge of natural science, artistic culture and humanities and social science. They should systematically master a broad knowledge of technical theory in the major, what's more, we should expand student’s knowledge level and improve the knowledge structure and pay more attention on the innovative design ability.
Objective 4: Students should be trained to have a good thinking and organization ability and form the communication and presentation skill on this basis. They should have the ability of spreading design ideas and communication in various circumstances by different methods.
Objective 5: They should have the basic skills-sketch, color, formation and modelling and the expression methods. Comprehensive language application ability, innovative design ability, model making ability, and computer application ability are also required for the students.
Objective 7: Students can be engaged in all kinds of product design and become the industrial design talents by engaging in teaching and research.
Programme Features:
This major requires that students should pay much attention to penetration and communication between science and technology and culture art, and should have the ability to design all kinds of products comprehensively and independently. The systematic innovation, the application of ideas, the advanced design ideas and overall quality of the education should be fully embodied in this training plan. Therefore, students need to strengthen creativity, practical ability, and personality playing ability, advanced skills performance ability in full training.
Educational Requirement:
This professional cultivation aims at comprehensive development, with international vision, a solid foundation of the major, advanced innovation consciousness and the design idea, flexible interpersonal communication ability, precision in thinking, systematic problem-solving ability, good design and expression capacity, can undertake various kinds of product design, be able to become advanced industrial design talents in teaching and research.
After graduation, students could undertake design, teaching and scientific research work in some enterprise, such as advertising and decorating company, network company, digital art company, and environmental design department, etc.
Knowledge Structure
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic;
A5 Core knowledge of a certain professional area;
A6 Knowledge of specialized technique;
A7 Management knowledge;
A8 Cross-cultural, international knowledge.
Ability Requirements
B1The ability of clear thinking and accurate language expression;
B2 the ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems;
B3 the ability of critical thinking and independent working;
B4 the ability of cooperating and communicating with different people;
B5 Preliminary aesthetic ability on the literary and artistic work;
B6 At least one foreign language proficiency;
B7 the capacity for lifelong learning
B8 Organizational and management capacity;
B9A sense of innovation and creativity;
B10 Analytical writing skills.
Quality Requirements
C1 Ambitious, strong-willed—with the pursuit of civilization heritage, the truth, the rejuvenate of nation, as well as the benefit of human race;
C2 Diligent, pragmatic, down to earth, hard working, excellence striving;
C3 Physical and mental harmony, open-minded—with good physical and mental quality, as well as the tolerant mentality of multicultural and broad international perspective;
C4 Quick thinking, innovative awareness——diligent in thinking, good at research, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and desire to solve problems;
C5Noble values—with the correct legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong initiative, responsible and cooperative awareness.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
Main Courses:
Design sketch, Chromatology, Overview of Industrial Design, Industrial design history, Expressional methodology, Product design methodology, Computer-aided industrial design, Industrial design engineering foundation, Ergonomics, Product Innovation Design Project, Design psychology
Featured Course:
Courses Taught in English:
Bilingual Courses: Product design methodology, Materials and surface processing technology, Design Management
Research Courses: Product Innovation Design Project 1,2,3
Seminar: All kinds of lectures, SRP workshops class, the design trends and theoretical frontiers
Innovation Practice Courses: Product design methodology, the product innovation seminar group (including interface design, corporate image design, etc.), all kinds of practice project and the domestic and foreign design contest
Entrepreneurship Education Courses: Creative products development and the current marketing mode

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