Programme Code: 080701           Duration5 years
Educational Objectives
This degree programme provides students with opportunity to become excellent architects and other architectural talents with strong theoretical background and professional skills on the basis of socialism, and who can meet the needs of market economy and technology development.
Objective 1 (Foundation knowledge): to equip students with a sound foundation knowledge framework of  principles, methods and measures with regard to architectural design; to master the essential methodological framework in architect design through the learning of the basics within the discipline in order to prepare for further practices in designing.
Objective 2 (problem-solving ability): to train students to use basics and professional knowledge in relation to architectural design, to solve problems in  actual design projects.
Objective 3 (team-work and leadership): to equip students with the ability to communicate and cooperate between teammates, , and with the abilities of leading coordinating within teams, especially in conflictive situations.
Objective 4 (systematic understanding of the discipline): to help students form the awareness that the programme of design and design science are essential in the field of architectural design, and hence strengthening  students’ professional ability serves as a way to better service the society and world.
Objective 5 (ability of evaluating social and environmental impacts): to gain the  value system related to architecture design and the ability of make judgments on the construction of healthy habitat environment.
Objective 6 (global perspective): students of this programme are encouraged to establish a globalized perspective in dealing with a globalized mind wave in design, keeping highly aware of the distinctive values of the Chinese tradition as well as dealing with the relationship between the globalization trend and the regional characteristics. With this combined perspective, students are capable to perform in study and future career with strong senses of competition and responsibility.
Objective 7 (ability of lifelong learning): future work opportunities for students of this programme include architecture design, architectural studies and management, and also areas such as urban planning and landscape design. All these fields provide a lifelong learning opportunity.
Programme Features
The course is a part of Science of Habitat Environment whose core is architecture, while crossing a wide range of related fields including architectural studies, urban planning and landscape design. The course of study aims at producing a combined group of talents, including excellent architects and also researchers The five-year programme consists of a third-year general education and a two-year specialised education, not only building a strong knowledge basis but also providing an excellent platform for personal interest development to students.
Educational Requirements
The objective system of each course is composed of a corresponding set of cultivation purposes, which are the appropriate knowledge, ability and quality that students are supposed to gain.
Knowledge Structure:
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art associated with architecture ;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods associated with architecture;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering in the field of architecture;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic in the field of architecture;
A5 Core knowledge of a certain professional area in the field of architecture;
A6 Knowledge of specialized technique in the field of architecture;
A7 Managemental knowledge in the field of architecture;
A8 Cross-cultural, international knowledge in the field of architecture.
Ability Requirements:
B1The ability of clear thinking and accurate language expression;
B2 The ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems in the field of architecture;
B3 The ability of critical thinking of present architecture achievement and independent working in architectural design;
B4 The ability of cooperating and communicating with different various people in a wok team,as well as in the future the one of leading a work team to sustainable development and coordination the contradiction in related fields in practice ;
B5 Preliminary aesthetic ability on the literary and artistic work;
B6 At least one foreign language proficiency;
B7 The capacity for lifelong learning
B8 Organizational and management capacity in the field of architecture;
B9A sense of innovation and creativity in architectural design;
B10 Analytical writing and expression skills on architecture
Quality Requirements:
C1 High-aimed and strong-willed—with the pursuit of civilization heritage, the truth, the rejuvenate of nation, as well as the benefit of human race;
C2 Hard-working and pragmatic — down to earth, hardworking, excellence striving;
C3 Physical and mental harmony, open-mindedness — with good physical and mental quality, as well as the tolerance of multicultural and broad international perspective;
C4 Sharp thinking and innovation——good habit of  thinking and researching, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and desire to solve problems;
C5Noble values—with legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong senses of initiative, responsibility and cooperation.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Architecture
Main Courses:
Fundamentals of Architecture Design (I), Fundamentals of Architecture Design (II), Architectural Design (I), Architectural Design (II), Architectural Design (III), Architectural Design (IV), Architectural Design (V), Architectural Design (VI), Principles of Architectural Design
Featured Course:
Courses Taught in English: Contemporary Architectural Thoughts, Principles of Urban Planning, Theories and Principles of Urban Design
Bilingual Courses: History of Foreign Architecture,Design Workshop and Special Topic Design Research Courses: Structure and material selection in architectural Design, Sustainable Design and Technology, Digital Techniques in Architecture Design
Innovation Practice Courses: Design Workshop and Special Topic Design
Entrepreneurship Education Courses: Architects’ practice
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