Pharmaceutical Engineering (Biopharmaceutics)
Programme Code: 081102    Duration 4 years
Educational Objectives:
Objective 1: [Foundations] The major aims to train the students to systematically study biological sciences, chemistry and pharmacy and related courses, and to master the solid theory, knowledge and skills in molecular biology, fermentation technology, drug development, drug formulation, drug analysis and inspection techniques, pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical marketing. The students should finally become the talents in bio-pharmaceutical research and development, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and product quality control and production management.
Objective 2: [Professional Knowledge] Students are trained to solve practical problems for industrial needs through creative use of professional knowledge in bio-pharmaceutical production processes, quality control, technological innovation and production management.
Objective 3: [Teamwork/Leadership] Students should possess communication and team collaboration capabilities, and thus can have leadership skills in production and management of biological drug and bio-pharmaceuticals.
Objective 4: [Engineered Systems] Students should be trained to correctly view the enormous impact of bio-pharmaceutical technology and production in daily life and human health,
Objective 5: [Societal Impact] Students should be trained to maintain a clear awareness of their duties, and be competitive and responsible in a globalizing environment.
Objective 6: [Global Awareness] Undergraduates will be trained to be the senior bio-pharmaceutical engineers and technical personals. Bio-pharmaceutical undergraduates should be capable of working in related pharmaceutical companies, bio-engineering companies, food companies, biopharmaceutical institutes, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), Entry-exit Inspection & Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (CCIQ) and State Food and Drug Administration (sFDA) and other departments as well as engineering design institutes to be engaged in research and development of biopharmaceuticals, biological products and bio-engineering products, analytic technology, process engineering design and technical management. Undergraduates can also continue to accept further education to be a graduate or to the education sector to engage in teaching and scientific research work. They also have the capability of life-long learning.
Speciality Features:
The specialty focuses on training professionals with high-quality techniques for the 21st century. The profession has features as follow: first, the broad professional background. The students should study biology, chemistry, biological chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical process design and equipment and other aspects of basic theory, experimental design skills as well as the enterprise workshop design; second, students are trained in drug research, development and production capabilities; third; students have a certain scientific characteristics and strong adaptability.
Educational Requirement:
In order to achieve the goal of “multidiscipline and solid foundation in knowledge and technology”, the objective system in Pharmaceutical Engineering is composed of a set of corresponding course to train the students with appropriate knowledge, ability and quality, including scientific values, basic knowledge in chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy,biology and engineering, and good practice.
Knowledge Structure
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic;
A5 Core knowledge of a certain professional area;
A6 Knowledge of specialized technique;
A7 Management knowledge;
Ability Requirements
B1 The ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems;
B2 The ability of cooperating and communicating with different people;
B3 At least one foreign language proficiency;
B4 The capacity for lifelong learning
B5 Organizational and management capacity;
B6 A sense of innovation and creativity;
B7 Analytical writing skills.
Quality Requirements
C1 Ambitious, strong-willed—with the pursuit of civilization heritage, the truth, the rejuvenate of nation, as well as the benefit of human race;
C2  Diligent, pragmatic, down to earth, hard working, excellence striving;
C3 Physical and mental harmony, open-minded—with good physical and mental quality, as well as the tolerant mentality of multicultural and broad international perspective;
C4 Quick thinking, innovative awareness——diligent in thinking, good at research, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and desire to solve problems;
C5Noble values—with the correct legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong initiative, responsible and cooperative awareness.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
Main Courses:
Organic Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Modern Industrial Microbiology, Biological System Engineering, Biopharmeutical Engineering Equipment, Modern Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Biopharmacy.
Featured Course:
Courses Taught in English: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Modern Industrial Microbiology
Bilingual Courses: Genetic Engineering, Cell Engineering and Enzyme Engineering.
Research Courses: Integrated experiments of Pharmaceutics
Seminar (including freshmen seminars and thematic seminars): Pharmaceutical Administration.
Innovation Practice Courses: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
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