Programme Code: 030101     Duration4 years
Educational Objectives:
Objective 1:[Foundations] To cultivate law students systemically basic theories and knowledge of all legal branches, and make them familiar with laws, regulations and policies of China.
Objective 2:[Professional Knowledge] To help law students analyze and solve legal issues with the help of  legal knowledge.
Objective 3:[Teamwork/Leadership]  To cultivate students efficient communicating and cooperating skills, and furthermore engineering leadership in the field of legal profession.
Objective 4:[Engineered Systems] To help students get to know the importance of law is  in dealing with human relationships and achieving social justice and harmony.
Objective 5:[Societal Impact] To teach law students the great influence of law on the daily life and social development.
Objective 6:[Global Awareness] To develop students’ consciousness of rule under the globalization environment and make them familiar with the basic rules of different countries.
Objective 7:[Lifelong Learning] Law graduates will be qualified to take all kinds of professionals such as governments, enterprises, social organization, procuratorates, courts, judicial departments, arbitration agencies, law firms, etc. They should have the lifelong learning ability.
Programme Features:
This major’s features are connected with the Outstanding Talents Plan issued by the nation’s Education Ministry. It will focus on law students’ legal thinking and legal reasoning, and training students how to resolve real legal issues. In the curriculum, it will meet the demands of classification cultivation, freshmen will take Disciplinary Basic Courses, and seniors will choose four specialties: Academic type, Governmental legal talents type, Commercial legal talents type, and Judicial legal talents type. The teaching of Common Law is done in English.
Educational Requirement:
The objective system of each course is composed of a corresponding set of cultivation purposes, which are the appropriate knowledge, ability and quality that students are supposed to gain.
Knowledge Structure
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic;
A5 Basic knowledge of legal professional area;
A6 Knowledge of specialized technique;
A7 Management knowledge;
A8 Cross-cultural, international knowledge.
Ability Requirements
B1The ability of clear thinking and accurate language expression;
B2 The ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems;
B3 The ability of critical thinking and working independently;
B4 The ability of cooperating and communicating with different people;
B5 Preliminary aesthetic appreciating ability on the literary and artistic work;
B6 Skillful with at least one foreign language;
B7 The capacity for lifelong learning
B8 Organizational and management capacity;
B9 innovation and creativity;
B10 Analytical writing skills.
Quality Requirements
C1 Ambitious, strong-will—passing on civilization heritage, pursuing truth, striving for the nation’s rejuvenation and the benefit of human race;
C2  Diligent, pragmatic, down to earth spirit, hard working, pursuing excellence;
C3 Physical and mental harmony, open-minded—with good physical and mental conditions, multicultural and broad international perspective;
C4 Quick thinking, innovative awareness——diligent in thinking, good at research, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and desire to solve problems;
C5 Value System—with the correct legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong initiative, responsibility and cooperative awareness.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Law
Main Courses:
Introduction to Jurisprudence, Legal Ethics, Legal Logic, Introduction to Legal Method, Jurisprudence, History of Chinese Law, Constitutional law, General Provisions of Criminal Law, General Provisions of Civil Law, Business Law, Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law
Featured Course:
Courses Taught in English: Human Rights Law, Introduction to Anglo-American Legal System, Common Law Foundations (Series Conrses)
Bilingual Courses: U.S. Criminal Law, International Ocean Law, The European Union Law, U.S. Constitutionalism History , U.S. Constitution, Internet Law, Introduction to Anglo-American Legal System, Legal Management and Business Application  on Intellectual Property
Research Courses: Jurisprudence
Seminar Courses: Introduction to Jurisprudence
Innovation Practice Courses: Legal clinics, Speech and Trial Advocacy
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