International Economics and Trade
Programme Code: 020102         Duration4 years
Educational Objectives:
This speciality guides the students to adhere to the socialist road with comprehensive physical and moral development,to meet the development needs of socialist market economy and foreign economics and trade,to systematically master the basic theory of economics,management and the knowledge and skills of international trade, and to handle pretty good foreign language and computer skills in the same time.After graduation students can work in foreign economics and trade sector,export-oriented enterprises,multinational corporations and government agencies engaged in practical business and economic management.
Objective 1:[Foundations] Fundamental knowledge of natural science and social science.
    Objective 2:[Basic Professional Knowledge]Students are in professional training of economics and management in order to master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of these two disciplines.
    Objective 3:[Comprehensive Qualities ]Emphasize on students’ usage of computer skills, internet, foreign language, with a strong sense of teamwork and social responsibility.
    Objective 4:[Professional Qualities]Students are trained to be talents who have perspective and knowledge in international economics and trade, finance, commerce, international settlement, business management, marketing and other fields.
    Objective 5:[Adaptability]Both theory and application, speciality and general education are important, emphasizing the ability of problem solving, of group cooperation and of leadership. Students can improve their adaptability and extend their career potentials.
Objective 6:[Lifelong Learning]The students can combine knowledge with the social needs tightly, keep expanding their knowledge, and improve their innovative capacity, entrepreneurial ability and practical problem-solving ability.
Programme Features:
Firstly, nurture application-oriented international business talents with the theory and practice quality on international trade practice, international business negotiation, cooperation and management, electronic commerce, international settlement, etc. Secondly, strengthen bilingual education, second foreign language as well as the international cultural teaching, tracking the international forefront of the development of related disciplines, expanding international perspective, and training international communication skills. Thirdly, focus on both economics and business education, nursing potentials in public management, enterprise management and academic research.
Educational Requirement:
Each course has a corresponding educational objective in terms of the relevant knowledge, ability and quality that students are supposed to gain.
Knowledge Structure
A1 Fundamental knowledge of social science,such as literature, history, philosophy and art.
A2 College English, English business correspondence, business English,and other English knowledge.
A3 Economic mathematics,statistics,econometrics and other mathematics knowledge.
A4 Fundamental knowledge of natural science and engineering.
A5 Fundamental knowledge of economics and management.
A6 Knowledge of International trade, international economics, international financial theories and practices.
A7 Knowledge on management and administration of the multinational corporation.
A8 Fundamental relevant knowledge of economics and management(finance,marketing,enterprise management,logistics,e-commerce,etc.
Ability Requirements
B1 The ability to apply basic theory and methods of the economics and the management disciplines to analyzing and solving practical problems.
B2 The ability to apply theory of international economic and trade to doing academic research and solve practical problems.
B3 Familiar with all aspects of import and export business and trading programs, and have quite good practical skills.
B4 The ability to communicate in oral and written English, use computer and take advantage of other modern technology, use statistics, econometrics and other mathematics methods.
B5 the ability to adapt to practical work of various functional departments in enterprises and non-profit organizations.
B6 The ability to use English in foreign business and across cultural communication.
B7 The capacity for lifelong learning.
B8 A sense of innovation and creativity.
Quality Requirements
C2 With high qualities of social science and natural science.
C3 With good tolerant mentality of multicultural and broad international perspective.
C4 Quick-thinking, diligent in study, good at innovation.
C5 With mode of thinking related to economic and management, in-depth thinking and ability to apply flexibly.
C6 With solid theoretical knowledge in field of this speciality.
C7 With excellent skill of operation in field of this speciality.
C8 Qualify of practical work in other relevant field and have good potential. The ability to participate in all aspects of the business.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Economics
Microeconomics,Macroeconomics, International Trade Theory , International Finance , Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Foreign Trade Correspondence and Documents, International Settlements, International Trade Practices, Management Principles, Financial Management.
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Bilingual Courses: Econometrics, Foreign Trade Documents and Correspondence, Financial Management
Research Course: Major Operation Of Econometrics
Seminar Course: Introduction to International Economics and Trade
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