Logistics Engineering
Programme Code:081207       Duration4 years
Educational Objectives:
This specialty aims to cultivate talents in technology and management who adhere to Socialist road; and well-developed morally, intellectually and physically; also are skilled in logistics development planning, logistics system design, logistics enterprises management.
    Objective 1: [Foundations] Training the students to master the basic principles, methods and measures of this discipline, and also make good preparation for applying the basic knowledge to the practice of logistics engineering and management, through learning and mastering those advanced methods including plan, design, management, performance analysis and evaluation of logistics systems.
    Objective 2: [Professional Knowledge] Developing the students’ ability in solving practical problems creatively with fundamentals in Logistics Engineering and Management.
    Objective 3: [Teamwork/Leadership] Developing the students’ ability of communication, cooperation and leadership in the field of Logistics Engineering and Management
    Objective 4: [Perceptibility of Engineering Systems] Developing the students’ perceptibility in logistics automatic system, which plays an important part in designing and equipping the logistics engineering systems.
    Objective 5: [Societal Impact Assessing Abilities] Cultivating the students’ ability to evaluate the potential effect of logistics system plan, design, operation and management on our daily life, economic structure in industry and commerce, as well as human health.
    Objective 6: [Global Awareness] Cultivating the students to keep clear consciousness in a globalized environment, and perform their duty with strong competence and responsibility.
Objective 7: [Lifelong Learning] Make the graduates get the ability of lifelong learning and be competent in the analysis and design of logistics management, logistics facility and equipments, logistics system, logistics information system, logistics and supply chain management, and also be competent in various jobs such as logistics development planning, logistics system design and logistics enterprises management in logistics related firms.
Programme Features:
    1.Emphasis on the practicality and applicability, the foundation of theory and technological; Oriented to social needs, aims to cultivate professionals in advanced logistics engineering technology, modern logistics and supply chain management, procurement and logistics in advanced manufacturing.
    2. Employ the theory teaching system combined with logistics engineering technology module and logistics management module. Logistics information technology, logistics modeling and simulation, logistics equipments and application is the core of logistics engineering technology module. Supply chain management, Logistics operation management, Logistics systems planning and design is the core of logistics management module. And the teaching system involves working at computers, experiments, curriculum design, academic lecture, enterprise practice and scientific research.
    3. Train the students to master solid specialized knowledge in logistics; and be competent in operation management, logistics systems planning and design.
Educational Requirement:
Each course has a corresponding educational objective in terms of the relevant knowledge, ability and quality that students are supposed to gain.
Knowledge Structure
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic;
A5 Core knowledge in professional area of logistics engineering;
A6 Specialized technical knowledge in logistics engineering;
A7 Managemental knowledge;
A8 Cross-cultural, international knowledge.
Ability Requirements
B1The ability of clear thinking and accurate language expression;
B2 The ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems;
B3 The ability of critical thinking and independent working;
B4 The ability of cooperating and communicating with different various people;
B5 Preliminary aesthetic assessing ability on the literary and artistic work;
B6 Proficiency in at least one foreign language;
B7 The capacity for lifelong learning
B8 Organizational and managemental capacity;
B9A sense of innovation and creativity;
B10 Analytical writing skills.
Quality Requirements
C1 Ambitious, strong-willed—with the pursuit of civilization heritage, the truth, the rejuvenation of nation, as well as the benefit of human race;
C2  Diligent, pragmatic---down-to-earth, hard working, excellence striving;
C3 Physical and mental well being, open-minded—with good physical and mental quality, as well as the tolerant mentality of multiculture as well as a broad international perspective;
C4 Quick thinking, innovative awareness——diligent in thinking, good at research, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and eager to solve problems;
C5Noble values—with the correct legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong initiative, sense of responsibility and cooperative awareness.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
Main Courses:
Introduction to Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Information Technology, Purchasing and supply management, Operational Research, Distribution Center Design and Management, Theory and Application of Logistics Delivery, Operations Management, Design of Logistics Information System ,Logistics System Analysis and Design.
Featured Courses:
Course Taught in English: Finance, Geographic Information System
Bilingual Courses: Principles of Management, Purchasing and supply management
Research Courses: Logistics Frontier, Data Mining
Seminar Courses: Advanced Logistics Technology, Academic Lecture
Entrepreneurship Education Courses: Logistics Management and Technology Service Innovation

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