Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
November 30,2012 16:04:13 readCount:1714

Model: The QL-HW2000B high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer




The main technical parameters:

  1. Measuring range: carbon 0.001% -10.000%, sulfur 0.001% -0.350%;

2. Analytical error: carbon in accordance with ISO9556-2002 standards; sulfur in line with ISO4935-1997 standard adjustable;

3. Analysis time :25-60 seconds, 35 seconds;

4. Electronic Balance: Weighing the range of 0-120g; reading accuracy to 0.0001g;

5. High-frequency furnace: Power 2.5KVA; frequency of 18MHz.



  1. Direct determination of the percentages of C, S element;

2. Applicable to copper and iron alloys, non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals, cement, ore, coke, coal, slag, ceramics, catalyst, foundry core sand, iron ore, inorganic, and other materials.