Superconducting NMR Spectrometer
November 30,2012 16:10:17 readCount:1678

Superconducting NMR spectrometer: AVANCE Digital 400MHz NMR (Germany Bruker)


The main technical indicators:

   Ultra-shielded magnet: 9.4T two frequency channel field drift <4Hz; spectral width of 1 MHz; gradient field 50G/cm.


Main accessories:

Quad-core probe, is relative to the broadband probe inverting probe Z gradient field, solid CP / MAS probe, variable temperature unit gradient field components.



   1. Spectral analysis is widely used in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, energy, light industry, polymer materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, minerals, food, biotechnology, medicine, drugs, the environment, agriculture, physics, Criminal Investigation and so on discipline and production areas. The analysis identified the material composition, the determination of the molecular structure and the conformation of the configuration, the reaction mechanism and kinetics of product quality control, surface contamination, the distribution of defects and failure analysis, and new product development;

2. Integrated use of spectral analysis, and a variety of instrumental analysis methods, combined with the detection of other physical and chemical properties, and to analyze a variety of complex system samples and unknown;

3. Determination of melting point and other physical and chemical parameters; flammability and other identification of the physical and chemical properties;

4. New delegate or collaborative research.