Construction Management
Programme Code: 110104           Duration4 years
Educational Objectives:
The professional features of this major are to train the complex high-level engineering management personnel meeting the needs of modernization, gaining the moral, intelligence and physical development, having the basic knowledge in civil engineering technology, economics, management, law and others, accessing the basic training of the engineers, emphasizing the capacity in the practice, innovation, organizational management.
Objective 1:[foundation knowledge] Train students to handle the basic knowledge of technology, management, economy, and law which relate to construction, project management and real estate development, to get the basic training of the engineers and to master the methods and means of the modern management science.
Objective 2:[problem-solving ability] Train students to creatively use the methods and means in the construction management field to solve practical engineering problems.
Objective 3:[teamwork and leadership] Train students’ ability of communication and collaboration in the team and the abilities of leading design team in construction management.
Objective 4:[systematic understanding of the discipline] Enable students to recognize that the construction playing an important role in the national economy development, only to master a solid theoretical foundation, broad expertise, strong ability of the engineering practice and innovation can they better engage in the works of complex high-level project management of the decision making, the planning and management in whole process of construction projects.
Objective 5:[ability of evaluating social and environmental impacts] Train students to gain the professional knowledge and ability having both first-class level and to connect with the operating mechanism of the international construction management standards
Objective 6:[global perspective] Train students to have a more international perspective, to maintain a clear awareness, competitive and responsible to exercise of their duties in a globalizing environment.
Objective 7:[lifelong learning] The graduates can engage in the complex work of the construction management in decision-making, planning and management of the whole process in the medium-sized construction companies, general contracting business, real estate development companies, international economic cooperation companies, engineering consulting and assessment company, the construction units, design companies, construction supervision companies, banks, government construction departments, research and educational institutions, investment and finance units and other units, but also engage in the work of civil engineering design and construction, and have the capacity of life-long learning.
Specialty Features:
The professional features of the construction management are to study the basic knowledge in civil engineering technology, economics, management, law and others, accessing the basic training of the engineers, emphasizing the capacity in the practice, innovation, organizational management, parts of the professional courses are taught bilingually, training to be the complex high-level engineering management personnel.
Educational Requirements:
The objective system of each course is composed of a corresponding set of cultivation purposes, which are the appropriate knowledge, ability and quality that students are supposed to gain.
Knowledge Structure:
A1 Fundamental knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art;
A2 Fundamental knowledge of social science research methods;
A3 Fundamental and frontier knowledge of natural science and engineering;
A4 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and logic;
A5 Core knowledge of a certain professional area;
A6 Knowledge of specialized technique;
A7 Management knowledge;
A8 Cross-cultural, international knowledge
Ability Requirements:
B1The ability of clear thinking and accurate language expression;
B2 The ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems;
B3 The ability of critical thinking and independent working;
B4 The ability of cooperating and communicating with different various people;
B5 Preliminary aesthetic ability on the literary and artistic work;
B6 At least one foreign language proficiency;
B7 The capacity for lifelong learning
B8 Organizational and management capacity;
B9A sense of innovation and creativity;
B10 Analytical writing skills
Quality Requirements:
C1  High-aimed and strong-willed—with the pursuit of civilization heritage, the truth, the rejuvenate of nation, as well as the benefit of human race;
C2 Hard-working and pragmatic — down to earth, hardworking, striving for excellence;
C3 Physical and mental harmony, open-mindedness — with good physical and mental quality, as well as the tolerance of multicultural and broad international perspective;
C4 Sharp thinking and innovation——good habit of  thinking and researching, with strong interest in innovation, full of curiosity and desire to solve problems;
C5Noble values—with legal awareness, professional ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as strong senses of initiative, responsibility and cooperation.
Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
Main Courses:
Construction Mechanics, Theory & Design of Concrete Structures, Theory & Design of Steel Structures, Civil Construction, Foundation Engineering, Project Management, Budget for the Project, Construction and Real Estate Laws and Regulations, Engineering Economy and so on.
Featured Course:
Courses Taught in English:
Bilingual Courses: An Introduction to Civil Engineering, Project Management
Chinese Teaching Courses in English Reference Books:Construction Mechanics, Theory & Design of Concrete Structures, Soil Mechanics, Engineering Economics
Research Courses: Graduation Design or Thesis, All the course design work
Seminar (including freshmen seminars and thematic seminars): An Introduction to Construction Management(freshmen seminars), Special Lecture, All the course design work
Innovation Practice Courses: Workshop of Construction Management, Integrated Test of Structures
Entrepreneurship Education Courses: Entrepreneurship Education Report etc.

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