LIN Shengde - Growing at Grass Roots
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Looking back to 2014 March, over one year ago, LIN Shengde took the train bound for Nanning, Guangxi with another 15 cadres of Guangdong universities to take temporary Youth League positions. On the way, he talked about their ideals and life freely and happily with his peers and imaged their future work there. Recalling his life one year ago, LIN felt excited. According to the Notice of selecting League Members cadres from universities to the country Youth League Committee to take temporary positions, SCUT has selected 6 cadres of two groups to take temporary posts on the county committee since 2011. All the cadres worked diligently and made their contribution. “Strong as a union, active as an individual.” They not only introduced new ways, new thoughts and new energies into their work place, but also grew and mature in the training.
Enriching the grass-root organization
Wanxiu District, Wuzhou City was the place where LIN worked. To him, it was both strange and familiar. It was strange because he never set foot there, and familiar because it was the name that had rung in his ears many times. The moment he stepped on the land, he realized that he couldn’t tear himself away from it forever.
However, at first, he was far from hometown and felt lonely for lack of old friends and familiar environment. Soon, busy work replaced the feeling of loneliness. He realized that he must devote himself to bring some change here. TANG Yunkai, secretary of Wuzhou said to LIN and another 5 temporary cadres, “Cognition is prior to learning, action is the best way for it.” It was this remark that supported LIN in putting his thoughts into practice during this year.
Young and passionate and with high education, strong creativity, and broad horizon, the temporary cadres have many advantages. With all these merits, they can play a great role in establishing youth league organizations at the basic level. On the other hand, these league cadres from universities lack understanding about society because they have spend too much time in school before. Only by training in a down-to-earth way could they do something practical and improve themselves.
LIN made an active in-depth investigation in some communities and schools in Wanxiu, where there were many migrant children, left-behind children, and peasants’ children; and got to know their study and living conditions. Finding many students in a poor condition, he did all he can to obtain resources to help those children. He built up “Love-Book House” and “Study-Aid” classes to care children of migrant workers. He got touch with the Elementary School Affiliated to South China University of Technology and South China Agricultural University to encourage them to donate books. He won a great support of 2500 extracurricular books of primary school and 1000 books about agriculture and technology, which made a contribution to the establishment of “Love Book Store” and “Peasants’ Book Store”.
Helping the local youth get a job or start a business is also one of the key jobs as a temporary cadre. To do it well, LIN pondered over and explored the new work pattern. Over the past year, he went to many townships and communities with his colleagues, bringing financial knowledge to enhanced peasants’ understanding of the policy of petty loan, and guided rural youth to start their own business. What’s more, they carried out training of employment and business. With the joint efforts, Wanxiu, Wuzhou offered 5 training courses in 2012 on a wide range of plantation, cultivation, household appliance, service, computer and so on, trained 473 youth, and helped 386 youth go into businesses.
Belief and action lead to achievement. LIN said, “The reason why I am here is to broaden my horizon, enrich my knowledge, and try my utmost to do something good and practical for grassroots.” He was the man of his word. Now he still cherished the one-year work in Wuzhou. The delicious tortoise jelly often occurs to his mind, but what he misses most is the place and people there.
Life Enriched by Experience
There is a big difference between the works of local Communist Youth League (CYL) and the university CYL. The local CYL work involves not only the country, but also in the villages, towns and streets, etc. According to the job requirements put forward by former-president HU Jintao, the local YCL should carry out various kinds of work of the basic-level development and activity, some of which is beyond the range of work of university CYL. Henceforth, LIN’s temporary post there greatly enhanced his ability and quality.
365 days and nights’ training in the basic level made the young man more mature and pragmatic. In the past year since he came back, his superiors and colleagues all find him more mature and considerate than before.
Since he came back to the security office, LIN takes charge of the precaution for campus security and management of communities and so on. Although he must go on patrol, take on night duty and work overtime, he persists in his work without complaint even when others get off work. All this may result from his experiences in the basic level as WEN Lin, one of his colleagues, said, “He regards school as his home and treats people as his family.”
League cadres often referred to each other as “Gua You”, which means they all took temporary posts and shared the same experiences. Besides LIN, there are many other “Gua You” from SCUT, such as CHEN Qiang, CHEN Weiqiang, LV Xing, KUANG Zhaoming, WANG Wentong. They all once worked in the basic level temporarily, and did an excellent performance. For instance, CHEN Weiqiang carried out party development to push the league construction as his key work and got good results in the work pattern of township group organization and innovation. CHEN Qiang carried out the training work of young Marxists in SCUT and Guangzhou Red Base during the first period, initiated this plan by using campus resources in Guangdong county-level cities. WANG Wentong endeavored to help youth in job employment and business establishment in Fuogang, Qingyuan. KUANG Zhaoming helped youth in Yue Xiu, Guangzhou to improve their education through studies.
With the same passion though in different ways. they all spared no efforts to inject new energy and devote themselves to their temporary post. To all the college cadres, the basic-level training is also a kind of self transcendence that will add color to their life. These cadres bridged the gap between the universities and the basic level organizations. A temporary post is not only a good opportunity to them, but also a good beginning to intensify the cooperation and communication which will benefit their entire lives. And, in turn, the places where they worked will remember their footprints, passion, enthusiasm for ever.
Edited by HU Nanping and DONG Peiyun
From  SCUT News Network