Alumnus Li Haizhou makes a lecture at SCUT
2015-01-05 readCount:1686
Scene of the meeting LI receiving an award from President of Singapore
LI Haizhou, SCUT alumnus who is the research director of Institute for InfoComm Research (I2R), Singapore, gave an academic lecture named “The Art of Speech to Singing Synthesis” at School of Electronic and Information Engineering on Oct. 27, 2014.
ZHANG Xichun, vice president of SCUT, had a meeting with LI Haizhou at SHAW Building of Science. ZHANG said that Doctor LI who had a deep affection for SCUT had made great achievements whether studying in SCUT or working in Hong Kong, France and Singapore. ZHANG hoped to strengthen cooperation between SCUT and I2R on talents training, introduction of outstanding teachers and exchange of scientific research.
On that morning, LI Haizhou also visited the National Institute of Mobile Ultrasonic Detecting Engineering.
Edited by WU Yuyu and WEN Qiang
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