"Challenge Cup" Competition Series Fund of SCUT
2015-01-09 readCount:1703
"Challenge Cup" Competition Series of SCUT consists of Undergraduate Extra-curriculum Academic, Scientific and Technical Works Competition (UEASTW Competition), and Undergraduate Business Plan Competition (UBP Competition), both of which are held every two years.
Initiated in 1998 and 1989 respectively, the UEP and UEASTW Competitions are both jointly sponsored by the Youth League Central Committee, Chinese Science and Technology Association, Ministry of Education, and the National Students’ Union, and each of them is composed of three matches at school, provincial, and national level respectively. And the national UEASTW Competition has attracted over 1,000 mainland universities (all key universities included), and more than 20 universities from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore, with about 2 million students involved in the competition.
SCUT “Challenge Cup” Competition Series are school competitions of the national “Challenge Cup”. Excellent works which win out will be recommended to take part in the provincial and national matches. In these competitions, SCUT teams have made remarkable achievements, ranking among the top universities.
We sincerely welcome all forces to cooperate with us to support the students in SCUT to achieve excellent results in the "Challenge Cup" Competition.