"One Donation, One Care" Love Fund
2015-01-09 readCount:1647
SCUT not only takes cultivating talents as its responsibility, but also the duty to help students with family economic difficulties, especially the individuals suffered from serious illness or accident.
One donation, one care. We call on the alumni, staff, student and all walks of life to donate voluntary to offer helps to those students in need. All donations will be incorporated into “love fund”. SCUT will set up the donation monumental column as a permanent souvenir.
A person thinks of its source when drinking water. We believe that under your care and help, more and more students will regain the confidence of life to repay the society, to walk out the school with a better attitude.
1、Aid object
Full- time undergraduates and graduates in SCUT
2、Donation purposes
(1) Set up a health promotion fund to help students suffered from serious diseases;
(2) Set up a crisis management fund to aid students suffered from sudden accident.