"IT Waves" Fund of SCUT
2015-01-09 readCount:2028
One-Hundred-Step Student Innovation Center of SCUT is an university student organization aims to develop, construct and maintain student websites and develop network media. It is named after Baibu Ti (One hundred steps), one of SCUT's scenic spots symbolizing the striving spirits of the university. The center boasts of a large number of IT talents with high professional skills in SCUT. The One-Hundred-Step website for student theme education has won the title of Top Ten College Student Websites.
One-Hundred-Step Student Innovation Center of SCUT firmly grasps its own characteristics, the students’ needs and demands of the times to actively carry out a variety of cultural activities in the campus-"IT Waves”. In 2005, the center initiated the “IT Waves” activity, a campus culture event aiming to promote SCUT students’ technical skills of network design and help them to adapt to social development.
The activity is held in every November and lasts about two months. It consists of events in close relation to IT technology with distinct themes and rich contents in varied forms, producing an “IT waves” on the campus.
We sincerely welcome all forces to cooperate with us. As for the donor's return matters, we could make another discussion. Education Development Foundation will express its thanks according to the method made by school.