YU Feng – Work and teach heart and soul
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YU Feng, associate professor of School of Public Administration, is the head teacher of 2009 class 1 students majoring in administration. With short hair and a backpack, he has won for three times the title of SCUT Outstanding Head Teacher.
Take care of his students and relate to them closely
Freshmen, who have just left their home to live an independent life, tend to encounter various problems in study and life. Thus, Prof. YU often goes to dormitories and chats with his students, learning about their problems in life and study and eases their anxiety patiently. He cares for his students, often reminding them of change of weather and temperature.
To know each student well, he keeps records of his students’ phone number and other relevant information like native places, interests and hobbies, special skills, nicknames. After several years, he knows every student very well and can talk to them with more subjects. With students from Guangxi province, their topics include beautiful scenery and native people; with students from northwest, their talk will involve the life there; and with phone novel fans, they will ague about the pros and cons of mobile phone reading.
To relate closely with students and improve communication, YU will hold two theme class meetings every semester to interact with them as friends. With no magnificent meeting place and conference agenda, they just sit in a classroom and talk about their college life, study, career choice and so forth. In the exchange, YU shares experiences and knowledge with students and encourages them to reflect and summarize by themselves. Short as his stories are, they are philosophical and powerful, which illuminate students well. More often than not, students are moved to tears during communication. They come to trust, understand and forgive each other more.
Respect students’ individualities and discover their strong points
Coming from all corners of the country and with different backgrounds, each student in a class has his own characteristics. In YU’s opinion, educators should respect the difference between students, find out their strong points, and appreciate their advantages to give enough room for their development. In fact, he is a man of his word.
For example, at one meeting, YU cited a blog of a quiet boy in his class, which includes a piece of elegant Pianti ancient prose. He told his students proudly that they had a low-profile but talented “IT boy”. At a dissertation proposal, he encouraged a student who was blamed for his being overcritical. He claimed that more than 90% of this dissertation was the result of his own reading, thinking and summarizing. Throu all this, his students learnt a lesson that each one should discover and enjoy his own strong points.
During the annual comprehensive evaluation of the students, YU Feng persists in commenting on every student’s performance. These comments are short through but with respect of individuality. For example, one comment is: “Always smiling, both heroic and gentle. Believe in yourself whatever you do. Wish you more achievements here.”  Another comment is: “In sophomore, it is beneficial to give up after thinking again. Where there is a will, there is a way. Never give up. I believe in you. Come on.” Without stereotyped dullness, his comments are a kind of understanding as a friend and a kind of spur as a teacher, which inspire students to march forward courageously.
Strengthen the party organization to build a big warm “family”
Since freshman year, YU has worked as a party branch secretary of administration majors of undergraduates 2009. He has attached great importance to the development of party and set himself as a good example in various activities.
In YU’s view, being a communist means commitment and requirement more than just a political identity. Hence, he demands that every student should learn from excellent communists and classmates to keep forward. As the development of communists, he is very strict and prudent. He believes that student candidates not only should be outstanding intellectually and morally, but also socially. Only with those merits can they lead students to move forward. With his great efforts, among 45 students in his class there are nearly 20 communists who lead other students well in their development.
YU Feng pays great attention to branch activities. He has taken an active part in all collective activities of the branch and class and has required every student to be present there. By so doing, he emphasizes a sense of discipline; and on the other hand, he wants to make his students feel at home in his class. In these activities, he tries to let each student involve himself, which is conducive to their growth.
Time flies quickly. Without realizing it, four-year busy college life will come to an end. All his naive students have become graduates expecting to go to society. Looking back upon the past four years, YU has left an intimate impression on his students. In their senior year, he presents every student with a letter as a gift, including his experiences, feelings, advices and encouragements. All his students are in full accord that: it is a rare luck that YU could be their teacher.
Edited by HU Nanping and DONG Peiyun
From SCUT News Network