Xie Bosun- Free imagination in the world of sound
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Xie Bosun is a professor and a doctoral supervisor in the School of Science of SCUT, as well as the executive director of the Acoustical Society of China. The research team he leads is one of few domestic teams engaged in electro acoustic and psychological acoustics, which takes the forefront position both at home and abroad in the research of binaural hearing and spatial sound reproducing. In the students’ eyes, Prof. Xie is an intelligent researcher concentrated on scientific and technical work. He is also an excellent teacher full of love for students.
How far we are falling behind the world’s best in audio and electro acoustic technology? Xie Bosun tries to give people realistic, pleasant and comfortable visual sense in sound reproduction. Since 2001, he and his team have obtained patent for virtual surround sound technology. Now, this technology has progressed to the third generation, which can use only 2 loudspeakers to achieve the analogous effect of stereo surround sound of 5 loudspeakers. It works well even applied to common flat-panel digital TVs.
The second generation of SCUT with 30 year’s efforts
Xie Bosun has been living and working in SCUT for around 50 years. “I am the second generation of SCUT.” he joked. His birthplace and the laboratory are only 50 meters apart. His career of acoustic began with the enlightenment of his father, Prof. Xie Xingfu. He is also a scientist of acoustics engaged in teaching and research of electronics, theoretical physics and acoustics in SCUT, who initiated domestic research of stereophonic system. It was his father’s guidance that Xie Bosun picked up acoustics as his research field.
It is an eternal truth that successful seekers of science always exert much more efforts than others. Prof. Xie has been working in acoustics for over 30 years. During the morning time before 9 am, which is most efficient of a day without phone calls and noises, he would spend two hours reading papers and books related to scientific research every day. And he does research for a minimum of 6 hours a day, devoted to his work seriously and meticulously. Day in and day out, his habitual research and reading resulted in ultimate triumph.
Prof. Xie is endowed with conviction, courage and readiness to deal with tough problems. Thus, he has made constant progress in academic research. And his team is prestigious in the world as well as the top in China. In 2005, they established head-related transfer function (HRTF) measurement system and first HRTF database with Chinese sample, which provided essential data for binaural hearing research. His team also built the second generation of rapid measurement system of HRTF in 2013.
Professor Xie's graduation photo (the third row, the seventh one from the left)
With the establishment of the First domestic real-time rendering system of virtual auditory environment, his team became one of a few research teams which grasped the technique in the world in 2012. The team mainly studies binaural hearing, which has promising prospects applied in virtual reality, communication and multimedia. He published the first monograph in the world, focusing on head-related transfer function and virtual auditory. The second edition (English) will be published in America soon.
To scientific researchers, happiness is in the process of exploring it. The seeking for scientific rules and mastery of essence through the phenomenon need repeated experiments, bold assumptions and careful confirmations. Appropriate adjustment is also necessary based on the actual situations. When talking about the reasons for his success, he referred to his perseverance. "Pinpoint your direction and make persistent efforts and I have been focusing on it for years.” Prof. Xie said. He is passionate about his career and enthusiastic about research projects. While he enjoyed scientific research, he got breakthroughs with perseverance and diligence.
Resolutions to innovate as a talent of scientific research
Just spending time doesn’t necessarily bring outstanding achievements in scientific research. They need courage to break through the shackles of human experience, pursue innovation and changes, and analyze problems independently with pioneering efforts.
Prof. Xie said, “Be innovative! Develop new ideas and do the things no one else has done.” He always asks his students to follow academic morals and norms strictly and grasp the frontier of the development in science, economic and society. Making achievements needs bold thoughts and actions as well as perseverance in exploring the truth. He told his students that no matter which field they are in, they must demonstrate the spirit of innovation to form their own theoretical system and research viewpoints.

Professor Xie attend the international seminar(the second row, the sixth one from the right)

The way of innovation with the step-by-step efforts will bring about hearty happiness. The celebrity purchased by fraudulent behaviors is transient, unable to stand the test of time. The vain reputation obtained by actions against academic morals is not the intended goal of original dedication to scientific study.
Every step of students’ growth is inseparable from teachers’ industrious efforts. A master candidate student He Lina said, “He always explains to us patiently and illustrate empirical examples which are closely related to practice. A minor error would be corrected for the rigor of academic when writing papers.” At the beginning, we may find it hard to do scientific research because of fickleness and fear of difficulties. But under the guidance of Prof. Xie, an invisible power appeals to us and we are unconsciously touched by our efforts and delighted with achievements. A doctoral student Liu Yang said with gratitude in his words, “My teacher is very persistent and concentrated. Under his influence, we do researches diligently and benefit a lot.”
Apart from scientific research, the preciseness and carefulness of Xie Bosun also influence various aspects of students’ studies and lives. Students learn from him that doing research and conducting oneself seems to be two different things, but in fact that they are exactly the same. His entrepreneurial spirit encourages students to perfect their attitude in work and life, which urges them to come down to the earth and adopt a long-term perspective to reach an ideal state for themselves.
Xie Bosun plans to explore a new direction combining cognitive psychophysiology with acoustics in the near future, which integrates knowledge across disciplines. He said frankly, “Many innovative results are based on cross-disciplines, which is exactly the shortcoming in academic community. I will learn more about other disciplines.” Future work of research will be tougher yet more meaningful. It is his simple wish that more achievements can be obtained through persistence, yearning for truth, and pursuit for process, which can benefit the mankind and help them hear sweet sounds.

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